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Evolutionary Healing for All Beings

"The key to taking action and choosing to heal your emotional wounds is to realize that the action of choosing to heal, in and of itself, is a form of self-love."

                   -Tammy Billups-

       from her book, Animal Soul Contracts

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Deepen your shared connection

Get ready for a paradigm shift! This book will change the way you see yourself and your companion animals. It will help you redefine who you are and why you’re here and how the special animals in your life are helping you learn and grow and become a better person – and how you are helping them in return! This book is equal parts inspiring, informative and encouraging – I highly recommend this book for all animal lovers!” 

- Dr. Cara Gubbins -

Author of Divine Beings  

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Meet Tammy Billups

Tammy is a healer who walks her talk. Twenty-one years ago she embarked on a deep inner healing journey that banished the medications she was destined to take the rest of her life. 

Tammy is now a celebrated International healer of humans and animals. She's a certified Interface Therapist (Bioenergetics), author, speaker, and healer to the healers.

And she's a pioneer and global teacher in animal-human relationships with two award winning books on the subject. Her third book, Animal Wayshowers, The Lightworkers Ushering in 5D Consciousness, will be released in 2022.


Moreover, she’s the inventor of the new groundbreaking, paradigm  shifting modality, Tandem Healings™, which accelerates the healing of humans and the animals with whom they share a soul bond.

Tammy's mission comes from her heart: to make the world a better place for all beings by healing their emotional wounds. She lives to see all beings be free, thriving and forever joyful.




Tandem Healings™

This ground-breaking modality will reveal the sacred soul contracts you share with your animals to expeditiously release  traumas or unresolved emotional wounds you both harbor within. Tammy created Tandem Healings™ to accelerate your mutual growth, transformation and evolution.  

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Healing for Animals

 Does your animal companion have a negative behavior, past trauma, emotional or physical issue? Animals can feel and absorb the emotional and physical stresses, changes and shifts in their environment. Animals are very receptive to this progressive modality and recognize it as a natural way to achieve healing and harmony.

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Healing for People

Get grounded and connected, receive healing for a physical issue, or embark on a deeper healing journey to release energy and emotions causing stress, lack, betrayals, depression, addictions, physical issues and anxiety. All of life’s challenges can be supported and transformed!

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Discover More

Benefits of Healing Sessions  

Stress Relief

Healing sessions  can diminish anxiety and smooth out stressful life experiences to feel better, more often. 

Eliminate Destructive Habits

Heal addictions, get grounded, balanced  and naturally eliminate long-standing negative  patterns.

Embrace More of LIFE

Healing sessions can lighten your emotional load and enhance your ability to feel positive emotions like Love, Joy, & Bliss

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Raise Your Awareness

These powerful sessions can SHIFT your awareness from residing in old, distorted beliefs to aligning more with your innate Divine Essence.

Improve Sleep

Sleep better, develop stronger self-care, and allow your body to hold MORE Energy. 

Accelerate Physical Healing

Healing sessions allow you to cultivate more organic healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 


Books & Meditation CD's

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Tammy’s guided meditations

have been featured on 

Insight Timer with

over 36,000 listening’s! 

InsightTimer is the #1 free app for meditation & sleep

What Tammy's clients are saying...

 "Sammie, was super codependent and clingy with me, and he exhibited separation anxiety when I tried to leave without him.  After each Tandem Healing session, I felt this sense of calmness and a general feeling of peace. And the good news is that with each session, Sammie grew more independent and self-assured. Sammie has now healed the abandonment wound that created his neediness! I highly recommend Tammy’s healing sessions for you and your animal.”

-Rick Williams & Sammie

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