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A new paradigm of healing is here! 

Expedite your growth, transformation, and evolution.

Tammy's proprietary virtual (live) 5-part Animal Wayshowers & Lightworkers Masterclass for animal lovers and practitioners begins 8.01.24!

Meet Tammy

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Tammy, and my life's passion is to raise awareness of the higher purpose in the heart and soul of every animal and human experience, ailment, and issue to expedite healing for all beings.  

Twenty-four years ago, my mother and all three of my animal companions returned to spirit within a few months' time, and quite suddenly, I had access to seeing, sensing, and feeling energy in multiple dimensions. I then embarked on a long overdue deep inner healing journey and in turn, the many medications I was destined to take the rest of my life were no longer needed. 


I've learned a lot along the way and want to help you and your animal companions have an easier life journey so you can have less suffering, and more love in your lives. Yes, you are so worthy of having a thriving, abundant life! 


My goal is to create a safe space for you and your animal kin to reveal more and more of your beautiful soul essence such that you can experience the wellness, joy, forgiveness, and peace that you and your animals deserve!

Candy Cotton

Deepen your shared connection

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"One of the best books I've ever read about understanding the energetics and emotional wounds of both humans and pets and how we can help each other heal."

- Barbara Techel -

Author, Intuitive Guide, Oracle Reader

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Get ready for a paradigm shift! This book will change the way you see yourself and your companion animals. This book is equal parts inspiring, informative and encouraging."

-Dr. Cara Gubbins-

Author of Divine Beings, The Spiritual Lives and Lessons of Animals

—Penelope Smith -

 Author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, and Animals in Spirit 

 "This captivating book shows you how to let animals teach you, help you heal trauma, awaken to your purpose in life, and make your soul journey on Earth lighter and full of joy."


Wellness Services

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Animal-Human Tandem Healings

This ground-breaking modality delves into the sacred soul contracts you share with your animal to expeditiously release traumas or unresolved emotional wounds that you came together to heal. Tammy created Tandem Healings™ to accelerate your mutual growth, transformation and evolution.  

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Healing Sessions
For Animals

 Does your animal companion have a negative behavior, past trauma, emotional or physical issue? Animals can feel and absorb the emotional and physical stresses, changes and shifts in their environment. Animals are very receptive to this progressive modality and recognize it as a natural way to achieve healing and harmony.

Lotus Flower

Healing Sessions
For People

Get grounded and connected, receive healing for a physical issue, recover and heal from a loss, or embark on a deeper healing journey to release energy and emotions that are creating unwanted stress, anxiety, or physical manifestations. All of life’s challenges can be supported and transformed!


Mentoring for Practitioners

 Successful practitioners are always seeking to learn, grow and get their practice to the next level to reach and help more people and animals. Receiving mentoring can shed new light on the way you see (and respond to) client situations; or provide a lift and shift for your practice.

What Tammy's clients are saying...


 "Sammie, was super codependent and clingy with me, and he exhibited separation anxiety when I tried to leave without him.  After each Tandem Healing session, I felt this sense of calmness and a general feeling of peace. And the good news is that with each session, Sammie grew more independent and self-assured. Sammie has now healed the abandonment wound that created his neediness! I highly recommend Tammy’s healing sessions for you and your animal.”

-Rick Williams & Sammie


 Tammy's recent blogs

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