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Animal Soul Contracts wins

2021 COVR Gold Medal!


Animal Soul Contracts

About the book:

Animal lovers are extraordinary. Despite awareness that we will probably outlive our beloved pets, we are still drawn, time and time again, to the connection, joy, and unconditional love that come with sharing our lives, homes, and laps with animals. Many of us feel something deeper than just companionship with our animal friends--a heart-to-heart connection felt all the way to the soul level. 


Revealing the higher purpose and soul mission behind our relationships with our animal companions, Tammy Billups explores the spiritual contracts that are created when a human bonds with an animal and shows how we come into each other’s lives for a reason.


By discovering the soul agreements that underlie our animal partnerships, we can find meaning in the issues that arise with our animals and ourselves, support our souls’ mutual evolution, and allow the soul contracts to weave their spiritual magic in the animal-human relationship.

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Watch award winning author Tammy Billups give a quick tutorial about her newest book, Animal Soul Contracts!  

"Life changing!  Animal Soul Contracts taught me how to connect with my dog in a way I’d never imagined possible. The pages herein offer enlightenment, opportunity, and the wisdom we all crave knowing by answering the questions, Why are we here, and Why did this animal come into my life?  The answers are revealing!"    

- Jennifer Skiff -

 Bestselling author of The Divinity of Dogs, God


Stories & Rescuing Ladybugs

- Dr. Cara Gubbins -

Video Review of Animal Soul Contracts

Author of Divine Beings – The Spiritual Lives and Lessons of Animals 

“Billups has written a book that is groundbreaking in its wisdom and simplicity. Like-minded souls will find validation, and those who start reading with uncertainty might just find themselves believers by the last page."

-Best Friends Magazine-

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“Animal Soul Contracts is an
enlightening book

that should be read by all those seeking the higher soul purpose of why you and your pets have come together. Over the years of helping pets and their families during times of transition, I have observed energetic connections of love that Tammy explains in fascinating detail which will undoubtedly provide deep peace

and healing to all animal lovers.”

- Lauren Cassady, DVM -

Founder of Heron’s Crossing 

“Animal Soul Contracts is a wonderful book that will both open your heart and expand your consciousness. A must-read!” 

-Judith Corvin-Blackburn-

Author of Empowering the Spirit, and Activating Your 5-D Frequency

"Tammy Billups has spent two decades of dedicated research and study into the transformational soul journeys that profoundly demonstrates our sublime connection with the creatures that share our home. Animal Soul Contracts unravels the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and mental connection that we unconsciously form with our animal friends that reinforces our “mirroring” of each other’s predispositions. 

Whereas animal whisperers merely help animals with people problems, Ms. Billups helps both in a holistic approach. Animal Soul Contracts is a new take in inter-species communication that affirms that our pets are unmistakably our equals."


- Vincent Dublado -

Manhattan Book Reviews


 “Get ready for a paradigm shift! This book will change the way you see yourself and your companion animals. It will help you redefine who you are and why you’re here and how the special animals in your life are helping you learn and grow and become a better person – and how you are helping them in return! This book is equal parts inspiring, informative and encouraging – I highly recommend this book for all animal lovers!” 

- Dr. Cara Gubbins -

Author of Divine Beings – The Spiritual Lives and Lessons of Animals 


Animal Soul Contracts is a guide to discovering the spiritual agreements between our souls and those of our animal companions. This fascinating book:

  • Reveals how animals we have previously loved and shared our lives with come back, either on the spirit level or reincarnated in a new animal form, to support us.

  • Offers peace and hope to those who’ve lost beloved animal companions as it describes what she’s witnessed during healing sessions with animals in the weeks before they transition and during their passing.

  • Includes practical instructions for identifying different types of animal soul contracts and connecting with and enlisting the help of your light team or spirit guides. 

  • Through real-life examples, it explains why animals choose, at the soul level, to have certain perceived negative experiences, such as physical or behavioral issues, to evolve their souls, clear karma, and help our soul’s evolution.

  • Shows that human and animal souls orchestrate every experience and interaction that holds potential for transformation and healing, including the final transition.

  • Demonstrates the inner dynamics of the animal-human relationship to help animal lovers understand their soul contracts with their pets.  

  • Identifies the soul contracts within real-life examples of animal-human pairings that transformed feelings of grief, loss, abandonment, betrayal, trauma, abuse, and anxiety through the inspirational Tandem Healing™ stories. 

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