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Mentorship & Supervision

For Healers, Practitioners and Therapists

Together at the Top

Sometimes asking for help is the bravest move you can make. You don't have to go it alone.


Why receive mentoring?

Successful practitioners are always seeking to learn, grow and get their practice to the next level to reach and help more people and animals. Mentors can provide a shift and lift in the way you see client situations, and help with your clients and how you respond to them. They provide ideas, thoughts and insights that enable you to see beyond your sphere of influence. Being in a mentoring program can help you gain a different, higher perspective on a situation with your client to help them and/or their animal feel more love and less fear.

Mentoring Topics

  • Supervision for your client sessions which might include verbiage to use with them, healing techniques, insights and guidance to achieve better results. 

  • Discuss options to get in alignment to grow your business and get it to the next level. 

  • Help identifying which emotional wound your client(s) are healing and how to help them move forward more expeditiously.

  • Help identifying and discussing with your client animal-human mirroring.

  • Gain insights into your self-care to alleviate the energy overload of working with clients. Includes discussion of boundaries, projection, energy transference and client triggers.

  • Support to work in tandem with both animal and their human to achieve more desirable results.


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Tammy's got your back.

Tammy walks her talk. In her twenty-three years of practice, and thousands of sessions, she still receives healing sessions and seeks supervision and mentoring to improve her techniques and practice. Leaning into growth is something she wholeheartedly believes in and adheres to so she can show up as her very best self and facilitate the most productive session possible for each client.

She loves assisting practitioners that are administering to animals and/or humans to enhance their level of effectiveness and increase their bottom line so they can allow in the universal support that has been waiting in vibrational escrow for just this moment in time.

Tammy's been mentoring others in each of her careers for four decades. Her approach is always one that creates safety through acceptance and non-judgement, and draws upon her in-depth experience and knowledge.  Her superpower is helping others to tap into their inner wisdom and strength to feel empowered and confident with themselves and their clients.

"Tammy’s gentle nature and enthusiastic support put me at ease as I contemplated a new offering for my clients. During the first session, Tammy provided me with four key bullet points that sent me excitedly off into the world of exploration until our next session.

I also appreciated her honest feedback to stay true to my heart and to follow that thread, which in the end, proved to be exactly what I needed to hear. This is what lit the way for me and eventually had me swimming in the magical flow of putting all the components effortlessly together for my new service.

Tammy is definitely a mentor that beautifully provides what she describes as a ‘shift and lift’ as I now feel inspired and excited to move forward." 

Barbara Techel - 

Intuitive guide, oracle reader, and author of I’m Fine Just the Way I Am  

mentoring pricing

Mentorship Pricing

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Mentoring Pricing

  • 50-Minute Mentoring Session $160 (Phone or Zoom) 
Discussion to help practitioners develop and enhance their healing practice. These calls are designed specifically for each individual practitioners' needs/desires. The discussion can also include designing an individualized ongoing mentoring program. Mentoring might include: energy techniques, developing your business, how to share sensitive information with clients, how to interpret what you sense during sessions, and much more. 
  • Three 50-Minute Mentoring Sessions $420 (Phone or Zoom) 
Take a deeper dive into receiving mentoring and supervision to benefit your practice.
Must be used within three months.

Group Supervision Pricing

  • One-Hour Group Mentoring $200
              (Phone or Zoom)
Offering for 2-4 Practitioners to share the supervision time. 
  • Two-Hour Group Mentoring $400
                (Phone or Zoom)
Offering for 5-8 Practitioners to share the supervision time.

All services are conducted remotely via phone or zoom

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy required for all appointments.

Energy Healing is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. 

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