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Animal Wayshowers wins

2023 COVR Silver Medal!


Animal Wayshowers

The Lightworkers Ushering in 5D CONSCIOUSNESS

 Tammy's newest book is a warm and heart-opening guide to understand, support, and honor the soul missions of our animal companions.


Animals are natural holders of 5D consciousness. The extraordinary animals who have chosen, at a soul level, to live alongside humans are lightworkers on the front lines of the animal kingdom’s mission to help people to heal, evolve, and attune to their divine purpose as well as assist in raising the vibration of the planet and collective consciousness to 5D.


As Tammy Billups reveals, once we become aware of the soul path of our animal companions, we are then able to connect with them soul-to-soul, not only supporting their soul missions but also finding the healing we need to let go of 3D reality and begin making the transition to 5D. Sharing example stories of incredible animal Wayshowers from around the world whose actions and sacrifices on behalf of their human companions changed them all for the better, she explores the many levels of service your beloved animal friends are providing you each and every day, including during disasters, storms, pandemics, and even from beyond the physical. She shows how they help shoulder the psychological and emotional burdens we are not yet capable of holding on our own and show us the way back to our own hearts.


Presenting guidance to help animals succeed in their goal of raising consciousness, the author offers meditations, rituals, and exercises for applying the teachings of the animal stories shared, including transformational soul practices to embrace 5D frequencies, intuit heart intelligence, connect to the Higher Self, and heal the shadow. Offering ways to embrace and emulate the soul teachings of our animal companions, Tammy Billups shows that, by honoring animals as courageous guides on our ascension to 5D consciousness, we too can become Wayshowers in our own right.



"The author speaks with welcoming clarity on the higher purposes of animals and their vital roles in our evolution into expanded consciousness. Thought-provoking examples of how the work animal's provide to individual humans and all life on Earth leads to mind-expanding awareness. This captivating book shows you how to let animals teach you, help you heal trauma, awaken to your purpose in life, and make your soul journey on Earth lighter and full of joy."

 - Penelope Smith - 

Founding Pioneer Animal Communicator, author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, and Animals in Spirit 

"A timely and spot-on guide to the vitally sacred roles animals play in raising the consciousness of humanity; complete with a road map to get you there. Bravo!"

 - Lynn McKenzie - 

Author of Bark, Neigh, Meow; Awaken to the Transformative Wisdom of your Companion Animal to Activate Your Soul’s Highest Calling

Animal Wayshowers is a well-crafted lighthouse awakening our path forward beyond 3D into the 5D consciousness of living a life of unconditional love and service to humanity. Through each example story, the author skillfully communicates how we can love more deeply when we open our hearts and minds to the greater possibilities of how our fur friends are guiding us to a world more amazing than we could ever imagine. Time and time again Animal Wayshowers moved me to tears and broke my soul open into a deeper understanding of just how perfect our animal companions are. Animal Wayshowers is a roadmap into ascension, if you are ready, to living in a 5D world.”

 - Don Reed Simmons - 

 Sound Therapist / Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher

“Take a thought-provoking look at how our animal companions have chosen to partner with us for growth in an evolving world.


Perhaps I am going out — just a little — on a book reviewer’s limb, but I suspect anyone reading this review of Animal Wayshowers by Tammy Billups has shared an intensely close relationship with an animal. Those of us who have wanted to delve more deeply into those relationships on spiritual and sacred levels will find the author, an internationally recognized soul healer, to be a warm and compassionate guide.

As in her other books, the most recent being Animal Soul Contracts, Tammy continues her exploration of how our dogs, cats, horses, and other creatures have come into their guardians’ lives to aid in working through trauma, discovering the paths we are meant to follow, and realizing the ways to be the best we can be for the sake of the planet and its inhabitants. Sharing personal experiences and those of others who have found hope and wisdom from special animals, Tammy makes her case through an amalgam of common sense, sensitivity, and joy.

Readers who are skeptical about metaphysics and spirituality can read Animal Wayshowers for the stories alone, but they might find themselves opening to a different world view. Others already in tune with the principles Tammy expounds will find confirmation. My advice to all readers, however, is to read Animal Wayshowers with an open mind and an open heart."


 - Best Friends Magazine - 

 Sally Rosenthal

Animal Wayshowers is life changing! You will never see animals in the same way again. Billups takes us to a new level of understanding of our complex relationship with animals that breaks through the old paradigm of the myth of human superiority as it invites us to recognize them as fifth dimensional wayshowers for humanity. Through teachings, including a stellar illustration of the dimensions, animal stories, and a subtle but profound shift in perspective, you will see them with new eyes. Brilliant!” 


 - Carley Mattimore - 

 Author of Sacred Messengers of Shamanic Africa 

 “In her third book on animal-human relations, animal healer extraordinaire Tammy Billups once again raises our collective understanding of what underlies the extraordinary connections that many of us have with our animal companions. From obliterating the concept of “pet” in her first book, to showing how animals “partner with us” in her second book, Billups now reveals the biggest insight she’s gained through thousands of healing sessions with animals and people; our animal partners can be our “pathfinders,” too. Packed with too many heartwarming examples to ignore, Billups makes the case that the animals with whom we are destined to share our lives are here for the highest of purposes; to help us heal and evolve.”


 - Paul Chen - 

 Publisher, Natural Awakenings Magazine

Tammy Billups has managed to effortlessly capture what we instinctively knew was already true and illustrates it through dozens of real-life stories from around the globe. Animals have consciousness, self-awareness, purpose, and soul. Animal Wayshowers gives heart-warming validation, yet also real world, actionable advice and practices to engage with your companion more intimately and raise your personal frequency. If you want a deeper understanding of the role our animals play in our lives and how they help us heal and evolve, you must get Tammy’s book! 


 -  Dr. Stephanie Red Feather - 

 Author of The Evolutionary Empath

"As Tammy Billups so insightfully notes, animal wayshowers are the much-needed guides of these uncertain times. By holding higher states of consciousness, they help us to release fear and cultivate deeper presence, to open our hearts to unconditional love and embrace the world and all her inhabitants — the two-legged, four-legged, winged and finned — in more sacred ways. Through stories, meditations, rituals, and exercises, Tammy thoughtfully shares how animal wayshowers invite us to raise our energetic vibration and enter the joy of fifth dimensional awareness."


 -Dawn Brunke -

Author of Animal Voices, Dreaming with Polar Bears, Awakening the Ancient Power of Snake, and Shadow Animals: How the Animals We Fear Can Help us Heal, Transform and Awaken.

 "Billups provides unique insights as to the sacred purpose of the animals in our lives that demonstrate how powerful they are and will leave you no doubt about their direct connection to Source."

 - Dr. Steven Farmer - 

Author of Animal Spirit Guides, Animals: Personal Tales of Encounters with Spirit Animals, and Power Animal Oracle Cards

 "Tammy Billups’ Animal Wayshowers will nourish your soul, bring you joy, and subconsciously begin to transform you into an incredible pet owner (or just person).

But that’s not the best part. Reading it might actually give you fifth dimensional experiences (like it did for me). Highly Recommended!"

- Jesse Sternberg-

 Bestselling author of  Enlightened Dog Training

"Tammy Billups helps us embark upon a journey to higher consciousness by learning from our beloved animal companions. Throughout the book Tammy demonstrates how the compassion, unconditional love, and pure presence of animals can change us inside and out, while providing practical techniques and approaches for partnering with our animal companions to bring greater healing to the world at large." 


 - Nicholas Pearson - 

 Author of Crystal Basics; and Foundations of Reiki Ryoho

"Embracing 5D consciousness through the eyes of our animal friends is brought into the light even more now because of this beautiful and beneficial book Tammy has written. I have no doubt it will help so many more beings who will then become part of this light that continues to expand and that will only continue to grow brighter and brighter as we all walk the earth with more peace within.” 

- Barbara Techel -

Author, Oracle Card Reader, mixed media artist

 "Tammy Billups has done it again, giving us yet another wonderful book filled with profound wisdom, transformative exercises, and inspiring, heart-opening stories.  Just as the animals in this book hold a higher vibration for their human companions, the energy in these pages will shift you into a higher frequency way of being, and the words will guide and lovingly support you on your ascension path. 

- Judith Corvin-Blackburn-

 Author of Activating Your 5D Frequency:  A Guidebook for the Journey into Higher Dimensions; and Empowering the Spirit.

Tammy Billups is an international healing practitioner, global educator, and pioneer on the animal-human sacred soul partnership. The creator of animal-human Tandem Healings, she has been a Certified Interface Therapist (Bioenergetics) for over two decades.

She's also the author of Animal Soul Contracts and Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions.
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