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Wellness For Animals


Expedite your animal companion's healing and recovery safely and naturally through the ancient wisdom of energy healing. 

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"Animals instinctively relax into the sessions and trust the flow of the healing energy. I believe energy healing sessions are imperative for all animals that are in relationships with people. The sessions are very effective and help them to cultivate and maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit."

Tammy Billups -

Just as we feel more content in a well balanced space, our animal companions, who share our needs and desires, want to feel in balance. They feel the emotional and physical stresses, changes and shifts in their environment.  

Our animals are so highly intuitive and sensitive to energetic changes that they feel imbalances even more acutely than people. This can, in turn, cause them to feel anxiety and depression which can lead to the same health issues that stress causes in people. In addition, they can absorb and mirror our unresolved emotional wounds, and have their own issues that developed from their past experiences.

The benefits of an energy healing session for your animal companion are endless! It can effectively assist your pets with behavioral issues, physical ailments, emotional issues and heal from traumas. 

Animal Energy

Healing Session 

Happy Dog

Animal energy healing sessions for your animal companions are a wonderful option if you want to:


  • Strengthen their immune system and accelerate healing of any physical issues

  • Heal emotional wounds that may be causing negative behaviors like aggressiveness and separation anxiety

  • Help them to ease through big changes like moves and adding another animal in the house

  • Prepare your animal for an easy transition as they near the release their physical bodies 

  • Reduce pain and discomfort

  • Get them grounded, balanced and more peaceful 

  • Heal from losing a beloved family member

  • Help them release anxiety, phobias and fears 

  • Expedite recovery time from wounds or surgery, and clear any invasive energy and toxicity   

All sessions are facilitated remotely (via phone). 

Your animal is in good hands.

You'll find Tammy to be a  compassionate, understanding and committed  guide to help you navigate the emotional and physical situations that arise while caring for your beloved pet.  

Her practice is rooted in professional integrity and confidentiality as she holds sacred space for her clients to heal and hold more light.  


Tammy is a sought after animal healer having facilitated thousands of sessions over the last two decades. 

She was a featured expert at the 2019 Animal Wisdom World Summit, and the 2020 Animal Communicator & Healer Summit.

 Tammy has donated 1000+ sessions to rescue organizations. Her greatest passion is helping ALL beings heal and feel more love.

What Tammy's

clients are saying...

 "We are so grateful to Tammy for her work with our dog, Kirby. It has created a definite shift in our home. We all can sense so much less resistance between us all, and have a greater understanding and compassion for each other. Kirby clearly has less anxiety in the car today… she even laid down and rested. Tammy’s insights raised our awareness around Kirby’s messages to us through her actions, and even her inner emotional wounds."

  – Shalan Hill & Ann Pauley


 "Mercy and I are blessed to have Tammy Billups ministering to us for over 3 months now. With our 8 yr. old greyhound, remotely, she has peeled away layers of negative energy producing a markedly calmer companion. Her post-session notes have helped me modify my behavior around Mercy as well.  I am fortunate to live close enough to get to Tammy’s office, allowing me to receive her hands-on energy work. Physically, I’d characterize it as spiritual dialysis! She is a powerful agent of God’s healing goodness!"

 -Lauralyn Bellamy

 "We can tell a real positive difference in Bengal tonight! Bengal was a rescue foster dog that was very shy, sick and emaciated. But after his session with you has been trotting around the dog yard with confidence. I’m a believer and I’d like to schedule a second session!"


 "Maxie is my 6 year-old-paint horse and is the love of my life.   Early in her life she had difficulty getting up due to a joint condition.  Many (including our Veterinarian) said she would never run, be able to be ridden, or give birth. She is now running  like the wind (after only two sessions) and a year and a half after the sessions gave birth to a  healthy colt."  

 -Andrea Young


 Pricing for Healing Sessions

Pink Lotus Flower

Individual Healing Sessions

                      Open the door for healing and restoration in a deep, intuitive healing session. 
  • One Healing Session $170 (1-Hour) (Human, Animal, or Animal-Human Tandem Healing Session)
  • 3-Pack of Healing Sessions* $450  ($150 ea.)  
*Can be used interchangeably for human, animal, or animal-human tandem healing. session.  Must be paid in full when first session is scheduled, and used within four months from first session or the sessions will be forfeited.

All services are conducted remotely via phone for U.S. residents, or via Zoom (audio only) for those outside of the U.S.

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy required for all appointments.

Energy Healing is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. 

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