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Resources & Recommendations

A Note from Tammy

Over the last 23 years, I've tried a lot of products, read a plethora of books, and tried many different modalities to assist my personal healing journey. 

I created this page to share my resources and recommendations in hopes it will advance your healing journey and lighten your load.

My intention is to provide you with additional resources to ease your (and your animals) healing journey.

Much love to you and your animal kin,

Tammy, Bodhi & Rumi

Guided Meditations
Buddha Statue

 Guided Meditations

Tammy’s free guided meditations offer listeners a way to dive deeply into healing specific emotional wounds (with your animal companions) and create a deeper foundation of self-love.


They are available on Tammy's YouTube channel, in addition to the free meditation app, Insight Timer.

Conversations for Charity

Conversations for Charity a series of interviews created by Christine Noble Seller to support animal lovers through the sharing

of information and resources from guest experts, while raising awareness for the guests’ chosen animal charity!

Both of Tammy's interviews on Conversations with Charity are available to be viewed by clicking the Watch this Interview buttons below.

The nominal fee is 100% forwarded to the amazing organizations noted below.

Thank you for helping the homeless animals!

 Highlights of Tammy's Conversations for Charity interview about Animal Wayshowers includes:

  • How Animal Wayshowers show us the way back to our hearts

  • Moving from 3D to 5D Consciousness and living 

  • Supporting and honoring animals to complete their soul missions 

  • How animals hold Transformational Healing Presence 

  • Daily tools to foster a 5D relationship with your animal kin

  • The Soul's orchestration of soul plans and Wayshower incarnations

  • A guided meditation to raise your frequency 

  • Full proceeds go to Caring for Creatures no-kill rescue organization.

14 Caring for Creatures copy.jpg
IMG_9778-X3 (2)_edited.jpg

 Highlights of Tammy's Conversations for Charity interview about Animal Soul Contracts includes:

  • What are animal soul contracts?

  • How do these contracts show up in our relationships with our animal friends and family?

  • How can you learn to identify the soul contracts yourself, and how will knowing what they are help you both?

  • Full proceeds go to Save the Horses no-kill rescue organization.

15 savethehorses copy.jpg
Books & Products

Books & Products 

Books and Products

6 Animal Talk and Animals in Spirit by Penelope Smith 2.jpg

I love Penelope Smith's books and this one is an especially great read! 

5 Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.jpg

My favorite animal totem book to understand the powerful messages from animals.

6 Animal Talk and Animals in Spirit by Penelope Smith.jpg

This book is fabulous if you are looking to learn more about animal communication.


This is my go-to crystal book!

2023-05-02 (1).png

A great little book to enhance your connection to your light team and engage their assistance.

A great little pocket book with a powerful punch to learn more about the sacred practice of forgiveness.

7 Light Emerging by Barbara Ann Brennan.jpg

My "bible" for information on the five core emotional wounds in people.

8 The Journey of Souls by Michael Newton.jpg

This book radically shifted my level of awareness and instantly brought me much peace.


Brilliant book that focuses on how to observe our thoughts to enhance our healing journeys.


Mind-blowing book that sheds light on why we (our souls) choose to have the experiences we do.

21 Earthing 2.JPG

If you can't stand on the earth with your bare feet each day, these mats are the next best thing to ground and connect with mother earth to receive her much-needed electrons.

22 Tuning Forks – Biosonics 3.jpg

Biosonics tuning forks are a quality product that I highly recommend!

soul_portrait_Dianne McAlexander.jpg

Artist Dianne McAlexander paints personalized soul and animal totem portraits. You'll see mine on her website.

She's amazing!

Animal Practitioners

Animal Practitioners

Animal Practitioners

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