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Healing the Emotional Wounds of Animals & People

 Are you ready to courageously dive into the deeper dimensions of the animal-human emotional relationship?

The Journey Begins 5.30.24

Join Tammy to explore the five core emotional wounds behind negative behaviors and physical issues within animals and people to shed light and bring healing at the core of the wound.


Together we will intimately look at the emotional wound causes in animals and their mirroring human to ignite the deepest level of healing possible to give birth to a new level of wellness and shared evolution.​​​​


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Sacred Soul Contracts

Are you ready to boldly go beyond existing belief systems of how you've viewed your relationships with your animal companions?

The journey begins 10.17.24


Join Tammy to explore new paradigms of the animal human relationship, discover the soul history of animals, and learn about the seven types of soul contracts that will support and benefit your shared evolutionary journeys.


Together we will journey to the higher purpose of the animal-human relationship as you learn to spiritually evolve with the animals that chose to partner with you in this lifetime.


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Animal Wayshowers & Lightworkers

The Incredible Teachings of the Ambassadors of 5D Consciousness


The Journey Begins 8.1.24 

Join Tammy for this new interactive virtual course created for animal lovers and practitioners to embrace and integrate the wisdom and 5D teachings of animal Wayshowers and Lightworkers from around the world.

Meet many of the animal wayshowers Higher Selves from Tammy's book, and their person, and receive their gift for you! 

Several special guests will facilitate extraordinary meditations with their animal wayshowers.


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