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About Energy Healing 

Vital energy runs through all of life. It connects our bodies with our minds and souls. It links us with other people, with animals and nature, with the universe and the highest spiritual power. Most cannot see this subtle yet powerful force – but it affects every aspect of our lives.

When our vital energy is sluggish or unawakened, life seems dull or difficult, work is a chore; our homes never feel quite right. On the other hand, if our energy is running out of control, life is a roller-coaster: we feel constantly stressed and anxious, and we seem to exist in a world of arguments and irritability.


However, once we begin to recognize vital energy and begin to work with it to balance, connect and ground us, everything can change. Our lives can take on fresh meaning and purpose. When our own vital energy is moving smoothly and serenely through us, we can enjoy radiant good health, abundant vitality and a sense of ease in our bodies. Our relationships become honest, exciting and supportive. Our homes become places of serenity. We start to feel a link of kinship with the whole of creation and all there is. Best of all, we no longer feel alone in a large, often frightening universe: we become linked to spirit, joined to the source of all energy. And from this connected place, life is easier. 

Interface Energy

Healing Session

Interface Energy Therapy sessions are  perfect for those seeking to: 

flower lotus white blue energy.JPG
  • Accelerate healing physical issues by setting up a more positive healing environment 

  • SHIFT their awareness from residing in old, distorted beliefs to aligning more with their innate Divine Essence

  • Heal unresolved emotional wounds and traumas that might be showing up as addictions, depression, anxiety, fears, and negative patterns

  • Lighten your emotional load and enhance their ability to feel positive emotions like Love, Joy, & Bliss

  • Ease through big changes like moves, jobs, and relationships

  • Get grounded, balanced and more peaceful 

  • Heal from grieving a loss

  • Release anxiety, fears, and any energy
    they might have absorbed from others


  • Clear invasive energy and toxicity from surgery to expedite their recovery

Interface Energy Healing Sessions are an amazing and powerful holistic modality which combines psychological awareness with deep grounding for an integrated sense of safety and empowerment through the ancient wisdom of healing through the subtle energy field.


Deeper, more profound energy healing assists with your sense of security and trust, self-worth, relationship health and boundaries, spiritual connection and your ability to manifest changes and move forward in your life.


Interface Therapy is one of the fastest modalities to help you clear, heal and release the energy associated with any unresolved emotional wounds and unconscious distorted beliefs that might be preventing you from having wellness and a thriving life.


Tammy’s intuitive gifts and in-depth training guide the session based on the clients’ intentions. You’ll find her to be a compassionate and committed partner for your inner-healing journey. Tammy's practice is rooted in professional integrity and confidentiality as she holds sacred space for her clients to heal and retain more light.  

This service is facilitated remotely (via phone or zoom audio).


Belief Change

Healing Session

This guided healing session can quickly bring to the surface and transform a limiting belief that is no longer serving you. As the old belief is gently released, you begin to notice subtle positive changes in your life. It may be showing up as a negative pattern, or blocking wholeness in some aspect of your life. As the old belief is gently released, you begin to notice subtle positive changes in your life.


Examples of distorted beliefs are: 

I must be in control or something bad will happen. I’m bad. I deserve to suffer. I have no rights to myself. There’s never enough (time, love, money, etc.) for me.  My needs are bad. I'm unlovable.

Once the limiting belief is transformed, positive changes will beautifully unfold as new growth begins.

This service is facilitated remotely (via phone or zoom audio).


What Tammy's clients are saying...

"Experiencing the tremendous healing process through Tammy has deeply changed my life! Through her intuition, sensitivity, balancing and directing God’s energy, much happiness and wholeness was restored.  Her techniques for releasing old negative belief patterns and feelings that block joy are powerful. Often, a shift occurs immediately.  Change of patterns and relief is integrated into one’s being over a few weeks. If you are committed to becoming your best self, Tammy can surely help!"

— Marj Elliott 


 Pricing for Healing Sessions

Pink Lotus Flower

Individual Healing Sessions

Open the door for healing and restoration in a deep, intuitive healing session. 
  • One Healing Session $170 (1-Hour) ​*Animal, Human, or Animal-Human Tandem Healings 
  • 3-Pack of Healing Sessions* $450  ($150 ea.)  
*Can be used interchangeably for human, animal, or animal-human tandem healing. session.  Must be paid in full when first session is scheduled, and used within six months from first session or the sessions will be forfeited.

All services are conducted remotely via phone for U.S. residents, or Zoom (audio only) for those outside of the U.S.

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy required for all appointments.

Energy Healing is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. 

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