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The Spontaneity of Authenticity

On my walk this evening, I couldn’t help but observe my spontaneous reaction to avoid stepping on a bug. I almost tripped and fell because I didn’t want to be the reason it took its last breath. Often, I utilize my walk time to listen to a podcast, and it just so happened that I was listening to Tara Brach speak about authenticity in that moment.

Then I paused the video and turned my thoughts to the connection between spontaneity and authenticity. It has been a personal goal of mine to reach a new level of authenticity each year and reveal my truest self. Like many others, I was overcontrolled as a child and learned that what I said or did needed to be carefully planned or there would be very negative consequences. In other words, it wasn’t safe to be spontaneous or authentic.

For those of you that can relate, I suggest becoming more aware of the times your reactions are coming from your truest self. There is a difference when speaking spontaneously through the lens of your emotional wounds, versus from your truest self. You’ll feel the difference because our wounds typically have an agenda or judgement. Your true authentic nature always comes from a place of love.

Your interactions with strangers are a great place to observe your spontaneous reactions. Do you automatically hold doors open, or let people in front of you while in line or while driving? Are you sometimes able to spontaneously show up to help someone in need? Perhaps they dropped something or are struggling to reach an item.

I’ve found that these actions and habits are connected with our natural evolution to reveal our truest selves. When we feel comfortable and safe, we are more likely to spontaneously show up for others from a place of love.

Be compassionate and kind to yourself as you unlearn the automatic patterns that kept you safe. When you notice an emotional reaction coming from a past wound, take note of that as well. You might say to yourself, I must have some unhealed anger that needs my attention. Begin to observe yourself, then do the inner work to get to what that reaction was really about. That will further develop your emotional maturity and put you on the fast track to revealing your authentic, spontaneous self!

And of course, you can also choose to emulate and learn from the true masters of these virtues: animals.

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