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Navigating through Adversity

In my little corner of the world the last two evenings have been picture perfect for star gazing. I can’t recall the last time I sat outside in the calm stillness and looked into the night sky until I could feel it surrounding me like a warm blanket. How often do we forget about the vastness and beauty of our world and its capacity to heal and soothe us?

More often than not, nature is my “church”, and is where I can shift into the richness of being reminded of who I am through its capacity to blast open my heart until I feel the comfort of knowing that I am never alone. Being human arrives with challenges to grow through, so finding a way to feel connected is imperative to navigating challenges with greater ease.

Twenty-three years ago, I experienced many losses and challenges which changed the trajectory of my life. Ultimately it was time that revealed how much richer and rewarding life can be when we trust and feel that we are part of something greater. That knowing brings us safety, healing, and enhances our ability to feel love with greater intimacy. We don’t know what we don’t know until we know it.

Most people have gone through a life-changing period of time that prompted a positive adjustment to their sails. Sometimes our soul nudges us through several life-changing chapters. The key to having more peace in the center of the tough times is to remember that your soul has a plan, and that there will be important growth and gifts along the way for your evolutionary journey.

Difficult phases will always be easier when we shower ourselves with compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and most importantly...self-love. This transformational virtue will transform your lack and victim consciousness into the knowing that you will get through those tough stretches and be better because of it. Loving yourself also fosters the sharing of your innate Divine gifts in the manner your soul designed.

If you find yourself going through one of those chapters, try surrendering your attachment to a particular outcome. This doesn’t mean don’t take action. It simply means to release what you think has to happen so what really needs to happen can reveal itself. And that might be something even better.

Then seek out nature, meditation, or perhaps engage in a little stargazing to get reconnected so you will know in your heart, mind, and soul that you are never alone, and that this too shall pass.

Grace lives within you and your life, flowing like a beautiful stream between the mountains of challenges life can serve up. Remember that you are worth believing in, you matter, and are so very lovable.

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