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Teachings from the Robin Family

Updated: May 28, 2023

About a month ago, I noticed there was a robin’s nest in a small 4’ tree in my garden. From the first time we met, the female seemed to instinctively sense that I meant her no harm. After a few days of nesting, there were three beautiful blue eggs.

Typically, I’m in my garden daily this time of year so over the course of a week, it felt like we were friends sharing communal space. She’d even remain in the nest incubating the eggs when I was gardening close by the tree. Once the first egg hatched, everything changed. The male was an impressive and fierce protector of the fledgling. He would swoop down at me in full warrior stance as fearlessly as he would go after a squirrel that he perceived was too close to the nest. Finding peace between us was a mountain he wasn’t willing to climb. I deeply admired and respected his courage and commitment to his role.

While observing the robins innate and instinctive parenting skills with the newborn, I suddenly became aware of the symbolism of their steadfast commitment to the birthing process and the need to nurture and protect each new birth within my life.

What’s interesting is that it turned out that two of the three eggs were infertile. I was curious so I connected energetically with the female to see how she was feeling about the situation. My sense was that she was in complete acceptance of things and trusted the process, knowing that everything unfolded as it should. She didn’t think it was her fault like humans might do when something we are giving birth to doesn’t come to fruition. It’s as if she innately knew that the Divine is always in the center of which births come to manifest, and which ones don’t.

Yet another powerful teaching from nature!

If you are reading this, then know that the teaching of the robin is also for you. Be it an idea, a new project, manifesting a new home or companion, or perhaps birthing the newest version of yourself, may you choose to unabashedly nurture, love, and protect these new beginnings every step of the way. Then take it one step further and surrender your attachment to one particular outcome.

Be a good steward of everything you are birthing in your life. In doing so, you are helping to create a more heart-centered planet.

I am holding sacred space for you to easily get in alignment for each and every new birth in your life. I believe in you and the knowing that everything unfolds just as it should.

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