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Soul Talk for Animals

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Seabiscuit is one of my favorite horse stories. It is a perfect example of showing the depth and grace of the animal-human connection.

Anyone who has opened their heart to an animal already knows the bond goes beyond what is said and done between each other. There is an unspoken connection….a knowing between the two of you. I call this knowing soul talk. It’s when the souls are talking versus our mouths.

Over the years I have come to realize through my work with people and animals that the soul connection we have with them shows up in a multitude of ways. Many times they are trying to communicate with us but the message goes under the radar or undercover. This is because our awareness or consciousness level isn’t quite up to speed yet on interpreting these ingenious forms of communication.

There is a fabulous scene in the movie Seabiscuit in which the trainer, Tom Smith, is desperately trying to find a jockey who can handle the feisty horse. To Tom’s left, he sees 2-3 handlers unsuccessfully trying to control Seabiscuit…then to his right he sees jockey Red Pollard fighting several guys at the same time– taking them all on with gusto.

Tom gets the sense these two souls just might be made of the same cloth. And, he’s right. The pair go on to have a very deep connection and from my perspective, a sacred soul contract to help each other heal. They were both abandoned when they were young and neither had healed their wounds. They both had an abundance of unresolved anger and pain from feeling unloved early in their life. Through love and compassion and their soul talk, they were able to heal each other.

This is indeed one of the potential scenarios to understand why a particular animal is in our life. At a soul level we are attracted to those who are wired the same way…and have similar wounds to heal. Making a conscious intention with the animals in your life to feel the soul link will help you begin to identify their messages more quickly.

They mirror us in many ways. Sometimes it’s our personalities and at others it is our unconscious wounds that need to be healed. Animals are very sensitive and are natural healers. Their souls can be very large and not have great boundaries. This is why they can respond to the slightest sound or change next door, or across the street.

So, of course they easily sense the feelings and moods of the people around them as well. It might seem obvious that when we show up at the barn or home and aren’t in a grounded, calm space that the animals will pick up on that. But they are so highly intuitive they will also let you know when you’re pushing down your emotions. You might think you’re all calm on the outside, but animals are in tune to your energy at deeper levels. And if they seem jumpy or out of sorts for no reason they are gifting you with a little soul talk to raise your awareness around something going on within you.

The behaviors, ailments and actions of your animal companions are tools to assist you to not only better understand them, but to also help you heal, feel and love at deeper levels. We are and always will be connected through Soul Talk.

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