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One stayed. One left. What I learned from my cat MaiTai and a pup named 5Star

MaiTai decided to stay.

This morning I awoke to the sounds of my two teenage cats, MaiTai and Sundance, playing and running down the hall. As all animal lovers will relate, I was grinning ear to ear at the pure bliss of the heart opening moment that only those sounds can evoke.Days earlier I’d actually been close to assisting MaiTai to make his journey across the Rainbow Bridge. He’d stopped eating, lost weight and was in so much pain that he couldn’t sleep.I was a basket case at seeing him suffer and the thought of losing him. Multiple trips to the Vet ended with six different medications…of which I’d tried two of them with results that unfortunately created more discomfort.

Believe it or not, it actually took me a couple of weeks before I woke up and said “Hey wait a minute…. aren’t I an animal healer?” To my defense, I am human. And it is hard to get clear when it’s your own. When we’re scared, we tend to give away our power and seek someone to tell us what to do. So, after an amazing clarity seeking meditation, I decided to take him off the medications, change his food, ask for prayers, give him supplements and increase his energy healing sessions.

Almost immediately he showed signs of feeling better which only improved each day. He was eating, sleeping and then this morning the joy of hearing them play. I can’t help but believe that a miracle has occurred.

MaiTai just might be on borrowed time, but my intention is to follow my heart’s guidance regarding decisions on his behalf. There are many gifts from this experience. I’m filled with gratitude for the precious time we have together; and they are thrilled I making time daily for grooming and playing with them!

Trust your gut on the decisions for your companions. Your internal guidance system will know the right and perfect course of action if you tune in.

5Star decided to go.

I regularly donate sessions to the orphan pets at Our Pals Place in Marietta, GA. The founder, Gigi Graves, contacted me about a new family they’d recently acquired of a mom and 8 puppies. The mom had been diagnosed with pneumonia and was not doing well. I initially worked on her, but once Gigi made the difficult choice to separate her from her pups so she could go on the medication needed to survive, we had to switch gears to the pups—who now all had respiratory infections—some worse cases than others.

Due to the extreme nature of the infection the mom had passed down to the pups, even with the best Vet care, three of them perished within days. Their tiny 2+ wk old systems were just not developed enough to fight it off.

Then there were five.

5Star was the next critical case and needed an emergency healing session. The first session I did with her, I was surprised to feel the other four puppies energetically connected to and taking energy from her. My logical mind immediately went to thinking of animals in the wild and how in packs the weak one is pushed out. But I was quickly corrected by 5Star as I received information that she wanted to do this for them– it was part of clearing her karma and evolving her soul, and was the reason why she was with them… to help them get stronger and move forward.

5Star responded so positively to receiving the session that we all cheered and were very hopeful. She began taking the bottle on her own versus force feeding her. But a couple days later that changed again. Another session still showed the darkness in her lungs. For the next 12 hours either Gigi or her husband Jeff cradled her on top of their hearts in hopes that the love, direct contact and heartbeat could breathe new life in her lungs.

She transitioned in the middle of that night, knowing utterly and completely the love of her birth mother and her adopted parents as well. She was a teacher for us all in endless ways. I am so grateful for knowing this amazing soul who gave her life so her siblings could live on.

There is always a divine plan and when you bring your consciousness to allow that knowledge through, it can help you understand a little more why perceived bad things happen.

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