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Integrating the Wisdom of Animals

Animals exist in a higher state of consciousness than we do. And there are endless gifts that naturally arrive when you begin to observe the teachings of your animal companions from a higher perspective. At a soul level, they are always hoping for you to embrace and integrate what they are beautifully modeling so you will both reap the rewards within your relationship and, in turn, experience more joy, love, clarity, and empowerment.

When you choose to look at the higher purpose of your animal relationships, you automatically begin the ascension process to becoming more conscious. Then you will begin receiving their real messages and begin harvesting the extraordinary intangible gifts that are the hidden keys to your shared evolution.

Intentionally integrating the wisdom from your furry role models is sure to bring you more joy and less suffering.



It’d be difficult to find anyone to dispute animals’ innate ability to forgive. Seemingly ridding themselves of past harms and misunderstandings, animals exemplify this quality. Their ability to have faith and hope time and time again that a person will not betray their love, is nothing short of amazing. Forgiveness is a beneficial gift to your heart to free up space for you to feel more love.


There is hardly a greater gift to a person or animal than being authentic in their presence. Animals are masters at authenticity and will teach you the gifts of how to feel safe and comfortable being you all the time. Being authentic comes with a gift: Freedom. Can you feel the relief?


Being vulnerable means being willing to love unconditionally, even with the risk of having your heart broken. Animals aren’t worried about protecting their hearts like people. They simply love you and they make it look so easy. Your pets want you to know that the risk and reward of being vulnerable is worth it, as you will be able to feel and open yourself for more love to be in the center of all of your relationships.


Animals instinctively know who to trust. Beginning to trust your innate wisdom is something they are working hard to teach you. Trusting yourself and your ability to make good decisions, like animals beautifully model, is worth getting out of your comfort zone to try more frequently. This empowers you to stop seeking important answers from others.

Unconditional Love

Animals’ most treasured gift is their extraordinary ability to love their person, just as they are. Many people have only experienced true unconditional love from an animal, which is why they are so easy to love in return. To love another being without an expectation of receiving anything in return is something we should all strive to exemplify every single day in honor of our beloved companions.

Integrating animal wisdom need not be difficult. Pay attention. You have great teachers! Look deeper. Embrace each teaching as a gift from the divine. As you welcome and follow the guidance that animals freely and generously model for you, you just might find your life shifting from ordinary to extraordinary.

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