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Change Your Mind...Change Your Pet's Behavior

Are you pulling your hair out over your animals’ negative behavior? What if your thoughts about your pet are contributing to her unwanted actions?

You replay their undesired behavior over and over again in your thoughts… thinking about how it annoys you, how you can get them to stop, or fearing they are doing it while you’re gone, and in turn, being angry or upset with them about it. It becomes a broken record that you can’t get out of your head and the more you focus on it, the worse it seems.

It’s natural to consistently focus on their negative behavior in your thoughts, but not helpful to your desired outcome. Your pets actually read your mind! They are highly intuitive beings who can literally see your thoughts. The more you think about your animals’ negative behavior, the more likely it is that they will continue the behavior.

Here’s the kicker though… when they see the thoughts in your mind, they don’t see the red circle with the line through it on the list of behaviors you don’t want them to do. They get confused because your thoughts are constantly on a particular behavior and when they do that behavior, it brings a negative reaction from you. The energy is locked in a cycle making you both crazy.

Once you understand the power of your thoughts and begin to consciously control the visualizations you send your animal, you have created one of the most powerful tools possible to help your animals through changes, healing, and especially to shift negative behaviors. A good thing about our brain is that it willingly adapts to any changes that we bring into our thought patterns

Punishing them teaches them to fear you and ultimately makes them more anxious which can contribute to even more negative behaviors. Ever run after a loose dog with the intent of punishing him? I’d run away too! Your beloved pets will always feel your truest intentions through your energy so you won’t ever be able to hide your feelings or thoughts from them. They can read you in a nanosecond.

Make sure there isn’t a real physical issue that needs addressed first. If not, then don’t give any attention to the negative behavior. Instead, intentionally focus on the behavior you desire for your animal. This sends them a positive message and wonderful energy with it. And, you get a perk too. You feel better because it shifts your energy and gets you out of the reaction the behavior is triggering within you.

This one tool of shifting your mental images to positive thoughts is necessary when trying to stop a negative behavior in your animal. What you focus on expands so change the energy of expectation to the behavior you desire beginning right now.

It’s a gift to your beloved pet to focus on what you love about them, help them seek healing for their past, and provide a safe, patient home for their loving heart to expand so they can continue serving the people in their lives.

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