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Awaken to the Extraordinary Teachings of our Animal Friends

Nothing connects us to our hearts faster than being lovingly greeted by an animal. When the sweet dog or the cute kitty excitedly dashes towards us, it seems to look into our soul and convey the message we’ve always dreamed of receiving. “I see you. You matter. You are lovable.”

One by one, humans are forever transformed by the unconditional love they receive from the angels-in-bodies we call animal companions. And I am no exception. Animals have had a monumental impact on my life. Like endless others, the first time I felt the purity and bliss of unconditional love was from an animal. In my twenties an adorable little calico kitten reached into my heart and whispered I love you, and I was forever changed.

Humans are magnetized to animals much like they are drawn to newborn babies. Animals and newborns radiate with the pureness of spirit, and when we interact with them a part of us remembers when we were also dwelling in the fearlessness of a higher dimension, and we long to feel that glorious state of being again.

It’s remarkable when you think about their unmistakable and profound contribution to humanity. I often wonder what our planet would be like if the animal kingdom wasn’t holding the high watch for humans to heal, grow, and evolve. Their presence in our lives is far more impactful and important for our emotional, physical, and spiritual growth than most will ever realize. Think of the cat that soothed the infant in their crib, or the dog that consoled the sad child.

From the moment an animal arrives in our lives, it unwaveringly helps us to learn and integrate the high vibrational virtues of compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and love. Animals beautifully model these virtues for us, and they make it look so easy. These virtues are sacred teachings and gifts that might not have reached our soul inbox without the presence of animals in our lives.

Our animal companions are guiding lights that have been showing us the way to our hearts since the dawn of time. They offer portals into our soul for a deeper and more intimate understanding of the divine spark held in the sacred center of our being. Animals willingly hold up a mirror of truth for us to awaken to the light held within us if we are able to recognize and embrace their messages when they arrive on the doorstep to our hearts.

They are also wonderful role models demonstrating the importance of nurturing and maintaining our connection to mother earth and to the conscious universe. Our animal kin intuitively know when it’s time to “meditate” in a sunny spot to get reconnected, or play to move out emotions and release feel-good endorphins. Their spontaneous wellness rituals are what allows their mere presence to organically be a force of healing for all beings around them, but especially with those with whom they share soul contracts.

We, too, can become vessels of healing for those in our orbit by honoring our animal teachers and emulating their teachings:

  • Tend to your vibration and strive to maintain a higher frequency to feel more love and joy more frequently.

  • Listen without judgement.

  • Be vulnerable. Love unconditionally even with the risk of your heart being broken. Love is worth it.

  • Accept everyone as they are and wherever they are on their journey as right and perfect for them.

  • Love others unconditionally without trying to control or fix them.

  • Consciously create a safe, loving space for others.

  • Be you! Authenticity is a gift to yourself and all those around you.

  • Forgive yourself and others as this will free up space in your heart to trust and feel love again.

  • Quiet the mind and be in the present moment to spontaneously serve others.

Animals are vital contributors for raising the planet’s frequency and are beckoning us to join them on the path to feeling less suffering and more love. It is part of their mission, I believe, to guide humanity to follow their lead to a gentler, more loving way of being and living.

Integrating animal wisdom need not be difficult. Awaken to their teachings! Look deeper. Embrace each teaching as a sacred gift. As you welcome and follow the guidance that animals freely and generously model for you, you just might find your life shifting from ordinary to extraordinary.

This article was published in the Winter 2021/2022 Pathways Magazine

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