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sacred soul contracts Masterclass
The journey begins October 17, 2024 

Unlock the wisdom and healing held within the soul contracts you share with your beloved animal companions.


The revolutionary interactive virtual course to help you discover and unlock the wisdom held within the soul contracts you share with your beloved animal companions.

In Sacred Soul Contracts Masterclass we will:

  • Bravely transform existing belief systems of how relationships with our animal companions are viewed.


  • Explore new paradigms, discover the soul history of animals, and learn about the seven types of soul contracts that will support and benefit your shared evolutionary journeys.


  • Explore the higher purpose of the animal-human relationship, and learn to spiritually evolve with the animals that chose to partner with us in this lifetime.


  • Intimately look at the soul-to-soul and heart-to-heart relationships with your animal companions to reveal a deeper understanding of why you came together.

  • Bond and connect with like-minded beings through the experiential nature of this course, which allows for deep healing and a higher light frequency to set up shop in your soul.

"Tammy shows throughout this course how deeply meaningful the relationships with our animals can be. She clearly defines the growth potential that occurs when you decide to take a healing journey together. The exercises she has throughout the course let us experience first-hand how powerful a journey this can be. Many Blessings to you Tammy for bringing this important teaching to the world. 

- Carole H. -

Based on the teachings in

Animal Soul Contracts

“An enlightening book that should be read by all those seeking the higher soul purpose of why you and your pets have come together.”

- Lauren Cassady -

 doctor of veterinary medicine and founder of Heron’s Crossing 

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 "Deep in our hearts, we know that our connection with animals is so much more profound than we are often consciously aware of. This course lovingly holds our hand, guiding us to bring awareness to the many ways that animals offer us love as our teachers and guides. Tammy brilliantly facilitates a healing journey into our soul contracts with animals and into ourselves, opening the door to greater clarity as we observe our relationships with them through this sacred lens."

- Vanessa -

 "I became intrigued with Tammy Billups when I read her book, Animal Soul Contracts. Luckily, a few months later, I was able to take a live online course with her. Tammy’s writings and teachings were informative, practical and her gentle caring persona made learning so exciting. Thank you, Tammy, for teaching us about soul contracts we make with our animal family.

It has been life changing. I look forward to taking more classes with you in the future. I admire you and your work so much"

-Laura-Lee Thomas-

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"Loved this very insightful, informative masterclass series. It has brought me even closer to my amazing pets, which I was not sure was possible, as we continue on our journeys together. 

Highly recommend! "


"If you have ever wondered why you are so drawn to animals and why the animals in your life are and have been so meaningful, then run, do not walk, to take the course. You and the animals in your life will be blessed."

-Laurie H.-

                                    A Note from Tammy 

In this time of great potentiality to hold higher frequencies than ever before, our animal companions want to show us the way to our hearts and lift us into a 5D reality, if we are ready to raise our awareness. Are you ready?
Join me on a journey to the higher purpose of your animal relationships through this experiential course including meditations and/or breakout rooms that bring the book alive such that you feel the knowledge in every fiber of your being
Understanding the intricacies of the sacred soul contracts you share with your beloved animals through heart-opening transformation helps you allow more love to enter your heart, raise your awareness, and enhance your soul partnership with your companions.
My intention is that by the end of this course you will feel lighter and are holding more light to do your sacred work in the world through the exploration of these extraordinary sacred soul contracts. We will create a beautiful community of like-minded animal lovers filled with healing, growth, and a new level of awareness.


 Take a look inside
Sacred Soul Contracts
Four Thursdays | Oct./Nov. 2024 | Eastern Times (U.S.) | End times are approximate
Classes are recorded (via Zoom) for those who are unable to attend one or more classes.

pricing and program details

Pricing and Program Details


$225 Early Bird Pricing for those who register/pay deposit by 9.30.24

$150 - Retake Price


What's included:

  • Two+ interactive transformational exercises, guided meditations, or break-out groups in each class to raise your vibration, and the collective consciousness. 

  • Four weekly interactive classes that are approx. 2.5 hours (via Zoom). All classes are recorded for those that won't be able to join live every week.

  • Private FB group  for the attendees of this masterclass to connect, learn, and grow. (Admittance approved after application and deposit have been submitted.)

  • Certification of Attendance form is provided upon completion of a short post-class survey.

 I'm interested! What's next?

  1. Email Tammy if you have any questions or to set up a discussion about the course.

  2. Fill out the application. (You'll receive a confirmation email within 72 hours.)

  3. Pay the $100 deposit* to secure your place in the class. Balance due 10.3.24.

          *Deposit is non-refundable after 10.3.24.

About Tammy

-_050522_0671 22.jpg

Tammy is a celebrated and sought after healer of humans and animals and has facilitated thousands of sessions over two decades. Taking what she observed and learned, Tammy has created three bestselling books, and several masterclass programs with the strong intention of expediting the healing process for all beings.


She's a certified Interface Therapist, award winning author, global educator, and pioneer in animal-human relationships.


Tammy’s book, Animal Soul Contracts, has been widely received for covering uncharted ground and has been described by many as life changing. Her ground-breaking discoveries on the soul contracts between animals and their humans were featured at the 2019 Animal Wisdom World Summit, the 2020 & 2021 Animal Communicator & Healer Summit, and the 2023 Conversations with Nature World Summit.

Furthermore, Tammy has been featured on a plethora of podcasts, radio shows and television.

2021 COVR Visionary Award Gold Winner

(animal category)

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