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Sacred Soul Contracts Masterclass 

Dogs on a Bench

"While I’ve walked a journey of inner healing for quite some time now and with many animal friends as my guides, I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of uncovering and healing that came from taking part in Tammy’s Sacred Soul Contracts class. I feel in a more expanded and welcome space of acceptance of myself, in deeper gratitude for the animal friends that have graced my life with their presence and teachings, and a more profound appreciation for the sacred connection we can still have after they’ve left this physical plane. Tammy is an exquisite and gentle master of holding sacred space and lovingly guiding other’s to a new place of awareness that is life changing."


- Barbara Techel- Author of three memoirs about the animal human bond, certified oracle guide, and intuitive mentor  -

 "This class will change you forever. The beauty and wisdom of Tammy’s heart shines so brightly that your heart will never, ever be the same.  With her words your heart will expand and you will finally understand the beautiful, sacred contracts and agreements you have made with every beloved animal that has been been present in your life.  A greater understanding will bring such love and peace to both you and your beloved animals.  I am changed forever.  My heartfelt gratitude will always be with Tammy."

- Lynda Tomlinson, Precious Kayla Bear’s Mommy -

 "After reading Animal Soul Contracts, I knew I wanted to dive deeper in this amazing subject and I was so happy that it was possible through this Masterclass with Tammy. Her generous teachings come from her heart and they made me realize the richness of the relationship I share with my animals. Now that I know how we can grow and heal together I am even more grateful for their presence in my life! Thank you Tammy!"

-Laurence S.F.-

Feeding Guinea Pig

"The connection with my cat, Gracie, has significantly deepened because of the Sacred Soul Contracts Masterclass. I learned to identify the ways she and I are consciously helping each other heal and grow. Thank you, Tammy, for this priceless gift!"  

- Joy Goodman, Founder of Courageous Living with Joy -

"Tammy’s Sacred Soul Contracts Masterclass is a MUST for those on a journey to heal their animals.  Tammy artfully weaves together her experiences from her practice of healing humans and animals and does it in such a way that you will walk away knowing you and your animal(s) are ready for that next level of healing. It is a must for anyone who wants to heal their animals and ultimately, themselves."

- Kitty W. -

"I have taken several classes and workshops over the years with animal communicators, and they all have their different styles. Tammy’s calm demeanor and way of speaking really work well while dealing with sensitive subject matters, plus her compassion for both animals and people is amazing. She really connected with me on a deeper level." 

- Liz Imbriani -

Cat in Basket

"This is a comprehensive and interactive class that explores the many ways our animal companions help us and guide us on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, especially in ways that we might not see or appreciate at first glance. It delves into the intricate web of spiritual connections and soul growth for all of the beings involved, and offers insights on some behaviors of animal companions that may be related to spiritual teachings for their human caretakers."

-Katie Z.-

 "Tammy’s class shifted and expanded how I see my relationships with my animals, and how to help them (and myself) benefit in a deeper way from our experiences together."

- Gina Bliton -

dog running with toy

"This class gave me a much better understanding of the contracts I have with my own current cats and those I shared my life with in the past. Tammy’s masterclass provided even more details than the book (Animal Soul Contracts). And the love that Tammy has for the animals and humans she works with gave me so much joy.  I am pleased to give the highest recommendations to Tammy’s book and the Sacred Agreements Masterclass." 

- Glenda Huston, SoulMusique, MN -

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