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Tap into the strength, wisdom, and empowering guidance that arrives with the foundational and profound keys to sustainable healing.

Healing the Emotional Wounds of Animals
and their People

A proprietary and revolutionary masterclass to learn how to identify the five types of emotional wounds within animals and humans. You'll also receive guidance on how to heal the wounds... allowing you, your animals, and your clients to live in the peace, safety, and joy all beings deserve.

In this groundbreaking masterclass full

of proprietary teachings we will:

  • Boldly discover the higher dimensions of the animal-human emotional relationship.

  • Explore the core wounds behind negative behaviors and physical issues within animals and humans to shed light and bring healing wherever it is needed.

  • Compassionately look at emotional wound causes in animals and their mirroring human. 

  • Ignite the deepest level of healing possible to birth a new level of shared evolution.

  • Experience a quantum shift in perspective so relationships with animals can deepen and harmonize.  

                 Read an excerpt from the book about the origination of animal's emotional wounds here.

The Journey Begins May 30, 2024 

Three consecutive Thursdays 

 "Tammy is a gifted healer for both animals and humans.  There is a WOW-factor when she combines the two.  This course will give you the awareness, understanding and guidance to heal your animals AND in the process, yourself.


I highly recommend it." 


- K. Wickes -

"There is definitely a “before and after” this class. Tammy makes it so easy and loving. She creates a safe and sacred space to learn and open up to heal."

Stéphanie Enthoven -

The teachings of this course are based on a portion of the contents in the award-winning book,

Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions.

"A powerfully insightful book. Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions teaches you how to connect with animals in ways you’d never thought were possible. An enlightening read."

Jennifer Skiff

Author of God Stories and The Divinity of Dogs

 "Healing the Emotional Wounds of Animals was more than a course. It was a gathering of compassionate people seeking to better understand their animal companions or those of their clients, guided by Tammy’s unique wisdom and passion.  I gained insights on how to recognize traits and heal the emotional wounds to support my relationships and to help others live joyfully and in harmony with their companions." 

-Donna S.

 "I highly recommend this class to anyone who works with animals and is ready to look at the emotional reasons why an animal may have certain behaviors.  As an animal and human energy practitioner, this program provides additional skills to add to my toolbox. This is groundbreaking work that I highly recommend to people involved in caring for or healing animals." 

 - Melinda Koscianski Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner Healing Touch Certified Practitioner -

Are you ready to courageously dive into the core of the animal-human emotional relationship? 

A Note from Tammy

Join me on a masterful journey with me to help animals and humans heal and grow using the wisdom that is held within core wounding. The proprietary and foundational teachings of this course were developed for animal practitioners with active practices, and humans who have shared evolutionary partnerships with their animal companions, to expedite healing for all beings. 

I've been teaching this course since 2009, and never tire of the gasps of new realizations and deep healing that commences during the classes. These teachings help those looking to raise their current levels of awareness, and take 'ownership' for their part of what's happening with their animals. If time permits, I always take questions about personal clients to help practitioners help them with greater ease. 

This class will dramatically shift your personal animal relationships and/or your client relationships, and shift them into a higher frequency. Learning about how to heal emotional wounds at their core is the missing piece to understanding what is behind every beings patterns, behaviors, and issues.

 Take a look inside
Healing the Emotional Wounds of Animals and their people

May/June 2024 | Three Consecutive Thursdays | All Times are Eastern (U.S.)
End times are approximate. All classes are recorded for those that miss one or more.

Pricing and program

Pricing and Program Details


$199  Early Bird Pricing ($50 Savings!) for those who register/pay deposit by 5.9.24

Retake Price: $125



What's included:

  • Weekly detailed handouts of each emotional wound and how to help animals heal them.

  • Weekly guidance for you to heal alongside of your animal(s).

  • Private FB Group to interact with the group.

  • Three group interactive classes (via Zoom) over the course of three weeks.

  • Each class opens with a meditation calling in your animal team, Power Point details of each emotional wound, along with guided healing meditations.

  • Certifications of Attendance are provided after completion of a short post-class survey. 

 I'm interested! What's next?

  1. Email Tammy if you have any questions or to set up a discussion about the course.

  2. Fill out the application. You'll receive an email of acceptance or questions within 72 hours.

  3. Pay the $100* deposit to secure your place in the class. Balance due 6.16.24.

          *Deposit non-refundable after 6.16.24

tammy info
-_050522_0810 - Copy small.jpg

Tammy is a celebrated and sought after healer of humans and animals and has facilitated thousands of sessions over two+ decades. Taking what she observed and learned, Tammy has created three bestselling books, and several masterclass programs with the strong intention of expediting the healing process for all beings.


She's a certified Interface Therapist, award winning author, global educator and pioneer in animal-human relationships.Her work is psycho-spiritual in nature.


Tammy’s books have been widely received for covering uncharted ground and have been described by many as life changing. Her ground-breaking discoveries on the five core emotional wounds in animals, and the soul contracts between animals and their humans were also featured at the 2019 Animal Wisdom World Summit, the 2020 & 2021 Animal Communicator & Healer Summit, and the 2023 Conversations with Nature World Summit. 

Furthermore, Tammy has been featured on a plethora of podcasts, radio shows, and television.

Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions is a COVR Visionary 2020 Award Winner

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