Healing the Emotional Wounds of Animals
and their People

This groundbreaking interactive online masterclass will teach you how to identify the five types of emotional wounds within animals (& yourself), and how to help them heal and release them.
 three consecutive Thursdays | tbd 2023

In this time of great potentiality to hold higher frequencies than ever before, our animal companions want to show us the way to a new level of consciousness so we can heal our emotional wounds together, if we are ready to open our minds and raise our awareness. Are you ready?

 "Tammy is a gifted healer for both animals and humans.  There is a WOW-factor when she combines the two.  This course will give you the awareness, understanding and guidance to heal your animals AND in the process, yourself. 

I highly recommend it."   

- K. Wickes -


Join me on a learning journey to reveal the wisdom held within the emotional wounds of animals (and their people) so you can help more animals heal and feel better, faster. 


· Heart-opening transformation for yourself and the animals in your life

 · Embracing a new level of awareness regarding the ways animals can heal emotional wounds 

· Raising the vibration of the collective consciousness and the animal kingdom

· Connection and community with like-minded animal lovers.


 In Healing the Emotional Wounds of Animals and their  people masterclass we will:

  • Boldly dive into the deeper dimensions of the animal-human emotional relationship.

  • Intimately look at the emotional wound causes in animals and their mirroring human to ignite the deepest level of healing possible and birth a new level of shared evolution.

  •  Invite in a quantum shift in perspective so your relationships with animals can deepen and harmonize.

  • Explore the core wounds behind negative behaviors and physical issues within animals to shed light and bring healing wherever it is needed.

This webinar learning series is based on the proprietary and copywritten findings documented in the book, Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions.

Read an excerpt from the book about the origination of animals emotional wounds here.


There is definitely a “before and after” this class. Tammy makes it so easy and loving. She creates a safe and sacred space to learn and open up to heal. Stéphanie Enthoven

 Take a look inside
Healing the Emotional Wounds of Animals
and their people

1st Quarter 2023 · Three Thursday Evenings

2022 Eastern Times/via Zoom

Part One | Thursday 7-9pm | tbd 2023

The Sensitive Ones 

Part Two | Thursday 7-9:30pm | tbd 2023

 The Scared Ones · The Needy Ones 

Part Three | Thursday 7-9:30pm | tbd 2023

The Protectors · The Perfect Ones

Download the application for this class here.

 Part One


The Sensitive Ones

 Healing Invasiveness 

The Sensitive Ones are uncomfortable in social situations, appearing shy, they are passive people-pleasers that are very intuitive. They absorb their persons energy and issues and frequently have bladder/kidney, inappropriate elimination issues, dental or gum issues and possible over-eaters.

 Part Two

The Scared Ones

 Healing Terror  

The Scared Ones have a heightened state of fear and/or exhibit aggression due to past trauma. They have exaggerated fear reactions, and are often tremblers that are very scared.

needy dog.jpg

The Needy Ones

 Healing Abandonment 

The Needy Ones are often insatiable with attention, food, play, love, and often exhibit separation anxiety. They are jealous and always proactively trying to get their needs met. These animals can have weight issues, GI track ailments, and jaw/oral issues.

 Part Three

 The Protectors

Healing Betrayal 

The Protectors are prone to being proactive in protecting the home and/or their humans. They are overactive, can be aggressive towards beings that remind them of past abusive incident and have difficulty trusting. Food aggression usually falls into under this emotional wound.



The Perfect Ones

Healing Perfectionism/Denial of Self

The Perfect Ones almost always act appropriately, yet are somewhat stubborn, detached and robotic, and will take on the suffering and energy of other beings as part of their service work.


Pricing and Program Details

  1st Quarter 2023 

  $275 (Retake Class Price $150)

  • Limited group size to keep things safe and interactive to allow for questions.

  • Weekly detailed handouts of each emotional wound and how to help animals heal them.

  • Weekly guidance for you to heal alongside of your animal(s).

  • Private FB Group to interact with the group.

  • Three group interactive classes (via Zoom) over the course of three weeks.

  • Each class opens with a meditation calling in your animal team, Power Point details of each emotional wound, along with guided healing meditations.


*$100 deposit reserves your space. Balance due 15 days prior to first night of class.

 *Deposit refundable up until two weeks before class start date.


 "I highly recommend this class to anyone who works with animals and is ready to look at the emotional reasons why an animal may have certain behaviors.  As an animal and human energy practitioner, this program provides additional skills to add to my toolbox. This is groundbreaking work that I highly recommend to people involved in caring for or healing animals." 

 - Melinda Koscianski Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner Healing Touch Certified Practitioner -


 "Healing the Emotional Wounds of Animals was more than a course. It was a gathering of compassionate people seeking to better understand their animal companions or those of their clients, guided by Tammy’s unique wisdom and passion.  I gained insights on how to recognize traits and heal the emotional wounds to support my relationships and to help others live joyfully and in harmony with their companions." 

-Donna S.


 I'm interested! What's next?

  1. Download the application (from your laptop or iPhone). Email the completed document to:

  2. Tammy will be in touch within 48 hours to set up a quick call to discuss your application. (Check your spam if you don't hear from her.)

Email Tammy with any questions.

Or call 770.235.6609


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Tammy is a celebrated and sought after healer of humans and animals and has facilitated thousands of sessions over two+ decades. Taking what she observed and learned, Tammy has created two bestselling books, and several masterclass programs with the strong intention of expediting the healing process for all beings.


She's a certified Interface Therapist, award winning author, global educator and pioneer in animal-human relationships.Her work is psycho-spiritual in nature.


Tammy’s books have been widely received for covering uncharted ground and have been described by many as life changing. Her ground-breaking discoveries on the five core emotional wounds in animals, and the soul contracts between animals and their humans were also featured at the 2019 Animal Wisdom World Summit, and the 2020 & 2021 Animal Communicator & Healer Summit. 

Furthermore, Tammy has been featured on dozens of podcasts, radio shows, and television.

Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions is a COVR Visionary 2020 Award Winner