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The Incredible Teachings of the Ambassadors of 5D Conscious

 Animal WayshowersLightworkers


Showing you the way to a new level of consciousness for all beings.

Wayshowers are lightworkers with a strong commitment to serve others and share their gifts with those who might benefit.

The new interactive virtual course inspired
by domesticated animal wayshowers and
lightworkers from around the world!

You will learn how to:

  • Discover, embrace, and integrate the Animal Kingdom's 5D teachings.

  • Honor animal's soul missions in unexpected ways.

  • Raise your frequency and expedite your ascension process.

  • Learn how to live a thriving life alongside your animal kin with joy and peace in the land of 5D Consciousness.  


Five consecutive Thursdays 

August 2024 | Recorded for Playbacks 

After this course, I feel elevated, expansive, and very grateful for the animal wayshowers and the people walking beside them. It has further validated and bolstered my confidence as a practitioner to help share the message of the beauty, awe, and wisdom of the human-animal bond.

-Stephanie Merlin - 

Based on the teachings in

Animal Wayshowers.

"This captivating book shows you how to let animals teach you, help you heal trauma, awaken to your purpose in life, and make your soul journey on Earth lighter and full of joy."

Penelope Smith

Author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, and Animals in Spirit 


I was able to move through a few more layers of healing that expanded my heart even more that I will take forward and share with others who are on their healing quests too.

- Barbara Techel -

 author of I’m Fine Just the Way I Am, and Oracle Reader Healing Sessions for Pets and People

It is my pleasure to introduce you to some of the teachers of this course!
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Join us on an amazing journey to embody

5D Consciousness!

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Vision Wolf
North Carolina
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I have taken all of Tammy's masterclasses, and she hit another home run with this course! What made this course even more spectacular was the participation of the guardians whose stories about their animals were in the book. Their experiences came alive as they recanted the lessons they learned from their animal companions, and about their relationship. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to those who desire a deeper understanding of their pet and to discover the ways their animals support, teach, and heal them on their journey together through life and beyond.

- Cheri Michelle -

Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher

A Note from Tammy

The book Animal Wayshowers came to life because of the extraordinary animals that are represented in the book. I felt their presence throughout the writing of the manuscript and was very aware that they wanted to serve the collective consciousness through the sharing of their teachings in this masterclass.

These amazing lightworker animals are oozing with spiritual nobility, wisdom, and grace and would like to take your experience even deeper than the book, through the teachings in this new ten-hour course. 

During each class, you will be guided into a portal of light to "meet" one or more animals that have a special teaching or message for your soul journey. You'll get to feel their energy, and sometimes, meet their person, who just might be the one with the channeled message for you. You'll meet many beings that have evolved to a place that we are headed, and they will drop the breadcrumbs for our ascension process, leading you to feel safer in your body, and enjoy life from a higher level of awareness.

Throughout each class you come realize at a new level that you and your animal kin are co-pilots on the same flight to a higher level of consciousness. And you'll receive the tools to get you there!

I can't wait for you to "meet" these wonderful animals as they show you the way back to your heart! 

An incredible and authentic journey into 5D consciousness and the deep soul level connections we have with our animals. Tammy is a gifted healer and conveyor of sacred knowledge and understandings that open doors in our consciousness and forever change your way of seeing how you impact everything around you. Wayshowers simultaneously enlightens and illuminates the pathway forward for those seeking to experience these teachings.

-Jane Shepherd, Ph.D. -

Tammy's Animal Wayshower course lights a whole new path you can travel with your animal companion. It's beautifully done, safe and easy and brings each participant right into the fabric of the teachings.

- Carole Harvey -

Tammy shares with love and compassion. We come together with our animals for a mission, they come forth to awaken us and walk with us to guide us to our soul path. It feels as if the animals speak to us through this masterclass.

- Aarti Desai -

This class was magical! It was incredible to be able to connect with such a diverse group of people who all shed a unique light on the path to higher consciousness that we are all on. As a "newbie" to the realm of higher consciousness, this class validated that this is truly the path I am meant to be on.

- Elaine & Maverick -

I highly recommend this course for those who have a strong connection to the animal kingdom. The information helps us to understand and open our hearts to the love and compassion our furry friends show us from living in 5D. It takes us beyond reflection and teaches us tools to assist us in living more from the heart and less in the mind. It was very enlightening.

- HAP -

 Take a Look Inside
The Teachings of Animal Wayshowers & Lightworkers Masterclass*

Five Thursdays | August 2024 
*Weekly content/speakers noted below are subject to change during actual class. End times are approximate.

Pricing and Course Details


$249 Early Bird Pricing for those who register/pay deposit by 7.15.24.

$175 - Retake Price

$99 - Retake price for people who have an animal story in the book.


What's included:

  • Two+ interactive transformational exercises, guided meditations, or break-out groups in each class to raise your vibration, and the collective consciousness. 

  • Five weekly interactive classes that are approx. 2 hours (via Zoom). All classes are recorded for those that won't be able to join live every week.

  • Private FB group just for the attendees of this masterclass to connect, learn, and grow. (Admittance approved after application and deposit have been submitted.)

BONUS GIFTS* from the two industry expert contributors Tammy interviewed in Animal Wayshowers (Chapter 12) about two 5D Healing modalities: Sound Therapy, and Crystal Therapy. *Bonus gifts emailed after short post-class survey has been completed.

  • FREE Shamanic Sound Journey for you to connect with your animal wayshower, recorded specifically for this class, from Sacred Sound Shaman Don Reed Simmons. 

  • FREE Quartz Masterclass from author and crystal healing expert Nicholas Pearson (2.25 hr. video)

 I'm interested! What's next?

  1. Email Tammy if you have any questions or to set up a discussion about the course.

  2. Fill out the application.  

  3. Pay the $100 deposit to secure your place in the class. Balance due 7.20.24. Deposit non-refundable after 7.20.24


About Tammy

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Tammy is a celebrated and sought after healer of humans and animals and has facilitated thousands of sessions over two decades. Taking what she observed and learned, Tammy has created two bestselling books, and several masterclass programs with the strong intention of expediting the healing process for all beings.


She's a certified Interface Therapist, award winning author, global educator, and pioneer in animal-human relationships.


Tammy’s third book, Animal Wayshowers - The Lightworkers Ushering in 5D Consciousness, is now available!

Tammy has been featured on a plethora of podcasts, radio shows and television over the years to share the learnings she has documented from working with animals and their people.

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