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The Power of Your Observer Self

As I watched Simone Biles the first evening of the women’s gymnastics Olympic competition, I was immediately emotionally affected and my heart began racing. The worlds greatest gymnast of all time was making mistakes that surprised not only all of us watching, but herself as well. As the cameras followed her every move, I realized that I was having an emotional reaction to her experience that needed my attention. I felt so much compassion and admiration for her decision to step back from competing until she could heal and release what the experience brought up for her, that I decided to honor her and do the same for myself. My reaction to her experience was happening for a reason! I am filled with gratitude to her for the healing gifts so many people received when she modeled the behavior to give herself permission to do what is right for her… instead of pushing through the emotions that were trying to get her attention. Simone demonstrated an extraordinary level of strength and commitment to her self-care we can strive to emulate. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful. The amount of pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect, please everyone, and be well received often traces back to our childhood and how safe we felt being authentic with those who raised us, and how much compassion we were shown. If we weren’t allowed to express anger or shed tears, we instinctively learned to repress those emotions and created a distorted belief that we must be perfect or we are bad or unlovable. After watching Simone I observed and explored my emotional reactions, and recognized with a new level of clarity that I have a pattern of putting tremendous pressure on myself to complete projects. There were more levels and teachings as I went through this process, but in the end, I realized the enormity of the damage this pattern has caused. This, in turn, birthed a strong desire to give my internal Commander the boot, and develop a kinder, easier way of working through projects that doesn’t involve setting up shop in a pressure cooker. Becoming adept at observing our choices, thoughts, and emotional reactions is essential to develop healthy, high vibrational transformation in our lives. I believe the ability to detach from the emotional entanglement of our thoughts and shift to observing them opens the gateway to connect more intimately with our Higher Self. Developing our internal observer muscle to monitor our reactions is a crucial skill in our ascension process. Our thoughts and emotional reactions to situations are often the very cause of our emotional and physical distress. Shifting to the higher vantage point of your observer self allows you to utilize your reactions to create positive change. When you catch yourself going down a rabbit hole of worry or having an emotional reaction to someone, detach from the situation by taking several deep breaths directly into your heart and then shift into your observer self. Then kindly speak to the part of yourself that is having the emotional reaction as if you were lovingly speaking to a child or animal to calm their fears and allow the healing gifts of the experience. Begin to notice when you are able to detach and observe your reactions from a higher perspective. Awaken this powerful force within you! Then you can begin to intentionally use your thoughts to manifest more positivity in your body, and in your life, by focusing on what you want to feel, be, and do! With much love, Tammy (Bodhi & Rumi)

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