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The Message of the Hawk

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

As I casually walked into my bedroom last week, I was very surprised to see a Red-Tailed hawk just outside of the window. I’ve never had a hawk land so close before and it took my breath away. Awestruck I stopped in my tracks, excited to experience this up close and personal moment with the majestic bird.

Whenever nature so clearly goes out of its way to give us a message, it’s important. As I observed the hawk, I noticed how confident and fearless she was. She was no doubt observing the prey in my backyard, but her level of patience was something to be beholden. Humans can only aspire to attain this level of gracefully living in the present moment.

Hawks truly represent the Aquarian times we’re currently in the midst of. They bring us clarity and the ability to see the higher perspective within each and every situation. Ted Andrews, author of the wonderful Animal Speak and Animal Wise books, said that the Red-Tailed Hawk can awaken visionary power. In addition, he wrote, it is a messenger bird, so whenever it shows up, pay attention, for a message will soon be forthcoming.

Over the last two decades, the Red-Tailed Hawk has delivered many important messages to my soul inbox. So, I knew with this close encounter, that a message was forthcoming.

It took a few days to realize the hawks message for me was about having clarity when making decisions through seeking guidance from my heart, and wait until it gives me a clear sign to take action.

When making decisions, what guides you? Your mind? Other people? Perhaps it’s fear. There has never been a more opportune time to begin a deeper relationship with your heart. You are sure to receive information overload when you go seeking advice elsewhere. I believe our greatest influencer and guide should be the treasures held within our own hearts.

There were several big decisions I was in the midst of making when the hawk’s soul was guided to land outside of my window. Suddenly everything was clear. I needed to stop looking outside of myself for the answers. I smiled thinking of when Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) said: If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard.

When we become the CEO of our own hearts, we are keeping our power and honoring our soul’s deepest longings and wishes. We are then able to step into taking responsibility for our time, our actions and our way of living.

I believe our transformational evolutionary journeys are guiding us all back to our hearts… to trust ourselves and allow our hearts to guide us with golden clarity. Our hearts know the way. And nature helps us to gracefully find our way back to ourselves time and time again.

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