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Sprinkle the Seeds of your Desires

I don't know about you, but I love gardening. And especially so during March, April, and May due to the cooler mornings and the plethora of new births in nature. I see each and every birth as a miracle and a gift.

A little over three years ago I decided to put a lockdown on buying new flowers to plant in the garden for a while to stay on budget. However, the Universe quickly conspired to assist my truest desires. The following weekend a neighbor pulled into my driveway and asked if I wanted some expired flower seed packets. He said he didn't think they'd grow at all, but he knew how much I loved flowers and figured instead of throwing them away, he'd offer them to me.

I forgot about the flower packets until one rainy weekend the following month and spontaneously I decided to open all of the seed packets and pour them into a bowl. Then I ran out to the garden in the rain and joyfully sprinkled them everywhere...hopeful that perhaps one day they would make magical appearances throughout the garden.

Lo and behold a month later I noticed daisies growing in one section of the garden! Three years later, they have spread over a very large area and continue to quickly multiply faster than any flower I have purchased and followed the exact recommended planting instructions.

Looking at the beautiful flowers today I was reminded of the importance of trusting that the Universe has our back, and that there are always unique and wonderful ways for our dreams to come into fruition, if we only believe. When we recognize the miracles when they show up on our doorstep, it helps to keep the door open for more magical experiences to arrive! Before you know it, you'll see everything as a miracle!

Springtime is the season for planting the seeds of our desires. There is no one way to plant them, you can just sprinkle them around like I did and then make sure they are receiving the nourishment they need to grow in just the right and perfect manner and timing. The key is to let go and trust that the process might look a bit differently than you'd planned.

I'll be holding sacred space for all of your seeds to beautifully take root!

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