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Healing Hearts

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

There's not a time of year more focused on love and our hearts than the month of February. So, it is the perfect time to lean into the stream of love that is available for each of us to tap into. It’s also a perfect time, as always, to enhance your self-care and self-love. Whenever we raise our love frequency, everyone around us benefits. Isn’t it interesting just how much we are on autopilot to protect our hearts? And what we might not realize is that in the protecting of our hearts, even if it is unconscious, we also keep at bay the wonderful opportunities to feel and know great love. You know…the kind that brings tears of joy at even realizing it’s possible to feel love that deeply and intimately.

Our animal companions are brilliant teachers of modeling how to love without fearing and preparing for the heartbreak that may or may not happen in the future. It’s that whole live in the present moment thing we are all striving to do with more frequency.

I’ve been on quite the journey with my heart the last year that has brought about many gifts and pearls of wisdom. This was an unforeseen storm in my life, but the good news is that after we go through a lot of storms, we can get unattached to the outcome more quickly, knowing that the rainbow after each storm will predictably be even more beautiful and vibrant than last one. My heart had suddenly begun using its outside voice to get my attention, and our bodies are always talking to us through our physical manifestations.

Early December, I went for a second EKG on my heart after a wild year of arrhythmia at odd times that had been preventing me from taking the supplements my body needed. The second EKG had the same identical results as the previous one, which indicated a previous heart attack, (which is why I’d gotten the first EKG), and the right side of my heart was enlarged. I felt like I’d been shot out of a cannon into the heart of a tornado of emotions.

I was always keenly aware, however, that everything was happening as my soul intended for my highest and best. I took advantage of the 7-week delay before receiving an echocardiogram, to take a very deep dive into healing my heart-- emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

By the time I received the heart monitor in the first week of January, I could already feel a tangible positive difference in my heart. The first miracle happened when I began taking the supplements that had previously created a negative reaction in my heart. Astonishingly, my heart and body responded to the supplements this time as if they were a breath of fresh air.

The second miracle was receiving the test results from the echocardiogram. After reviewing the results, the cardiologist proclaimed that both of the past EKG’s must have been false positives because my heart was no longer enlarged and there was no indication of a heart attack. The heart stress test the following week had the same result. It was official: My heart was happy and healthy.

Does it matter whether or not the EKG’s were really false positives or that my heart had miraculously healed? Not at all. I prefer to believe that the inner and outer journey I embarked on had gone exactly where I needed to go for what my soul needed most. I am now very intimately connected to my heart, and it feels extraordinary.

Loving ourselves and tapping into our own heart energy is worth it. You are worth it. Love is worth it. Let’s learn to love with our whole hearts, like our beloved furry and winged friends. For the duration of this month of love, choose one thing to do each day to feel more love in your heart.

Sending love from my happy healthy heart to yours, Tammy

For those interested in the different tools I used (and am still using each and every day) to aid in my heart healing journey these past months, I share them with you in hopes it may assist you in navigating any storm in your life.

  1. I increased my meditation time to twice daily.

  2. While on my daily walks, I listen to a music track with the vibrational sounds of 963 Hz, which is the Hz that brings about healing to the heart chakra. (Found the sound track on the Insight Timer meditation app)

  3. I use four different (Biosonics) tuning forks once or twice daily. A weighted 136.1 Hz (the OM vibration) for connection, grounding and purification; a weighted 128 for body healing, and I simultaneously use the 384 (G) and 256 (C) to clear, cleanse and purify my energy field.

  4. I work with an energy healer to release fears, emotional wounding, and protection at the heart.

  5. I also work closely with a naturopath, an acupuncturist, and the beings of light who work with me for support and guidance. I also leaned into the support of many dear friends.

  6. Every single night I put my hand on my heart and give it love until I feel it throughout my entire body. I affirm its health and perfection.

  7. I wear a heart shaped rose quartz over my heart and carry a heart shaped charoite in my pocket that both hold intention to help me open my heart to receive, hold, and be love.

  8. I ask for guidance and soul messages through my dreams and write them down as soon as I get up in the morning. The messages I received throughout this time were incredibly helpful.

  9. I decluttered and went through closets, cabinets, files, books, my desk and more, and purged endless items to release what no longer served me to make room for the wonderful things I'm holding in vibrational escrow to easily manifest in my life.

There are many more things that benefited my healing journey, but I believe the above practices have the most potential to prompt ideas to create your own path to wellness for what best serves you.

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