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Expand into Your Greatness!

When the sun is shining it calls my name to step outside and bask in its healing energy, especially in the wintertime! On the morning of the solstice, I was especially pleased to awaken to a beautiful clear day, given that the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction was to occur that evening.

As I stepped outside, I was greeted by the unmistakable chatter of a flock of starlings covering the trees in the backyard. Their busy behavior disregarded the fact that a human was now directly below them. I have always been mesmerized by the way flocks of birds live together in harmony. To be so divinely interconnected to a grander conscious whole is how we are all designed to be at our core.

Surprisingly, I noticed there were also robins in the flock, living in harmony alongside of the starlings. Then they suddenly began taking flight to come together to perform their beautifully orchestrated dance above me in what’s called a murmuration. They swooped back and forth directly overhead as I stood below them with my heart opening wider with each moment. And then they were gone.

Seconds later, still reeling from the experience, I was jolted back in the moment when directly overhead a flock of geese in perfect alignment appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Amazing! Then I looked around, wondering what might be next. I noticed a flurry of other birds, and a hawk landing in a tree. I don’t recall ever seeing so much bird energy at the same time!

As I reflected on the message of the birds my first thoughts were about how we are all taking flight, and seeing things from a higher perspective. Every astrologer I know is all abuzz with the shifts of planets moving us into a more Aquarian period of time. Aquarians are fabulous at seeing the higher purpose and gifts held within each situation, and living in the role of the observer.

My incredible experience with the birds that morning gave me hope and confirmed that we are giving birth to a new way of being that can be less divisive as we walk a new path to living in harmony. Our souls are being beckoned to expand into our greatness. We have all been stuck in an uncomfortable birth canal this past year, and if we’ve utilized this time to change, grow, heal and find ways to stay connected as we shift old patterns, 2021 will be easier.

This year I have repeatedly witnessed hundreds of courageous souls that are taking a deep dive into their inner healing journey. I send gratitude to each and every person (and animal) that has utilized this extraordinary time for inner transformation. Each person that lightens their load, lightens the loads of all those around them. Know that I see you, and I thank you for your courage to intentionally take steps to hold more light.

As we move into the New Year, here are a few tips to help you to expand into your greatness:

1. Make this the year to create a new relationship with your heart. It is the undeniable source of your souls deepest longing and wisdom. With great intention breathe into your heart to connect to your soul as often as you can. Feel the divine held in your heart. It longs to ease your burdens.

2. Build your inner-observer muscle. When you can simultaneously observe yourself while also feeling the emotions that are longing to be free, you will have less fear around the release. All emotions long to be released. Pain and fear want to be out of your body for you to feel good. Love and joy long to be shared

3. In the midst of challenging interactions, seek to understand the other person’s viewpoint. Instead of seeking to be heard, or right, acknowledge their struggles, in your mind or verbally. Everyone has gone through many struggles that created their defense patterns and beliefs. Honor them by letting them be where they are on their journey. When you can accept others (and yourself) and view each situation from a higher perspective, you contribute to the creation of more light in the world.

4. Create a prayer or affirmation to live by for the year. Change things up! If you’ve consistently asked for the same thing year after year and it hasn’t come to fruition, try switching to something broader.

Examples: Let me reveal the beauty within me. I release resistance to knowing how amazing I am on every level. I embrace a new level of self-love and trust and allow in all of my soul’s deepest longings. I expand into a new level of greatness!

And know that I will be holding space for you as you embark on this new journey to create less struggle and more love in every area of your life. Give yourself permission to take flight!

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