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The 4 ft. Rose- A Divine & Beautiful Messenger


One of my most looked forward to May garden happenings is the annual birth of my favorite long-stem rose. For four years, she has consistently produced one magnificent, huge rose that smells absolutely divine. And each year, after the bloom fades into a brown petaled ball, I put her out of her misery and cut the stem back down to the ground, usually after a strong thunderstorm took the last of her beauty.

But as you know, this year everything is different and mother nature has a louder voice than ever before... beckoning us to establish a deeper bond with her for our mutual health and well-being. At first I had the same plan in mind... after her bloom fell, I'd prune the stem at the base of it. But that was not meant to be.

With amazement, I watched her weather every storm and still the bloom remained intact. The stem was tall (2 ft.) and never wavered, she stood tall. Each morning, especially after a rainstorm, I'd talk with her and express my admiration of her strength. Suddenly one day I realized, she was my mirror. She'd been through so much, but still stood tall, proud and stronger than ever! I decided to wait and see just how long she would continue to stand tall. I began singing to her daily the Elton John song "I'm still standing".

It was as if the universe or the rose herself knew what her presence represented for my soul, because in the middle of September, I noticed another shoot had begun growing within a couple of inches from the first bloom and it was reaching for the heavens at warp speed! My jaw dropped when she produced yet another glorious, huge, rose at the end of the now four foot stalk.

When we are drawn to watch or experience something in our external world, there is a message for us if we awaken to the gifts of the experience. Be it an animal, a person or even a flower, there are soul messages always trying to reach us. This beautiful rose, which is STILL STANDING strong after all this time, is a reminder that I am still growing, still strong, and still beautifully reaching for the light.

And this beautiful rose (see the progression of both of her blooms below) is a reminder for you as well that you are still growing, still producing beautiful gifts and still standing despite all that you have been through.

We can all weather the storms, seasons and even the deaths and rebirths, with beauty and grace. We can trust that we will get through any challenges and bloom yet again.

You are a gift that keeps on giving and are important to the planet.

Seek out the beauty of nature's gifts for your soul. They are always there and might just be in your own backyard. Keep reaching. Keep growing. Reach for the stars. Your beauty and your light are meant to be seen and shared.

With much love,


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