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Healing the Emotional Wounds of Animals Testimonials

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Tammy's Signature Masterclass Webinar


"I’ve been in animal rescue for over 30 years and in recent years, began to feel as though I was missing something – a way to really heal the animals who come to us for help. It is clear how we need to heal their physical wounds, but the emotional wounds are often left unaddressed. Tammy’s Emotional Wounds of Animals class opened up for me a greater understanding of how to heal myself so I can more fully assist the animals. I’m looking forward to her next book and related classes!!"

- Mary K. Birkholz, Founder and Director of Caring For Creatures -

 This is an important course to understanding our relationship with our animal companions.  Tammy has an infectious passion for the subject and offers compassionate guidance and insights to enhancing those relationships.  A must for those who enjoy and value the animal kingdom! 

-S. Hayden-

"Most pet owner's don't think of their pet being an integral part of their healing process or that humans are part of pets healing process. Tammy's class opens this powerful and insightful world in a tangible and meaningful way. You won't look at your pets or anyone else's the same again! Together we can heal and make the world a better place, Tammy helps us realize this." 

- Barb Horn, Co-Author Divine Dog and Cosmic Cat Wisdom Oracle Cards -

 "Tammy’s compassion and grace is word, story and gesture. This makes for a soul, heart-to-heart teaching that you get on more levels than just intellectually. I highly recommend this learning series. You will get more than you bargained for! Not only an understanding of your animals emotions, but your own as well!"

Nikki -

"I highly recommend this class to anyone who works with animals and is ready to look at the emotional reasons why an animal may have certain behaviors.  As an animal and human energy practitioner, this program provides additional skills to add to my toolbox.  I was aware that human’s thoughts could affect their physical body but never thought about our thoughts affecting our animals on a behavioral and physical level. This is groundbreaking work that I highly recommend to people involved in caring for or healing animals.  A beneficial side effect of this work for the practitioner will be the internal work the practitioner will go through with this process that will help them in their own personal healing journey."

 - Melinda Koscianski Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner Healing Touch Certified Practitioner -

French Bulldog

"I have learned so much more about the connection we share with our animals. By applying the tools I’ve learned in this class, I’ve already seen positive shifts in my animal’s behaviors and will continue the healing journey with them."

- Maria Harrison, LMT, Energy Worker -

"Tammy’s wisdom and insight on the bond between pet and owner’s shared wounds and how to navigate the journey to healing is remarkable.  Throughout the class, I experienced so many eye opening moments that have shifted my understanding of myself, leading to much self-reflection and opening paths to my personal healing.  This insight has helped me to also understand my pet better and be at a place of accepting where each of us are on our journeys, looking at behaviors from a different perspective, and in a position to reflect more fully during pet parenting in moving forward to help my pet heal. I highly recommend this class for anyone who is looking for a way to learn more about healing themselves and their pets." 

- Wendy M. -


 "I really enjoyed this class! I found it to be very thought provoking and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the relationship dynamics we have with our animals. It can be especially useful for those in an animal related field but also great for anyone who has a pet or is looking to add one to their family. It has made me more mindful of the effects we have on our pet’s behaviors and I  have found it useful in enhancing my relationship with my current dog. It offered many insights that not only applied to my pet and previous animal experiences but also to me. I really enjoyed the beautiful, heartfelt meditations included with each lesson.  Tammy is a wonderful teacher, and this is a great class!"

- Heidi -

 "Tammy has the gentlest, most compassionate way of inviting the humans to prioritize their own healing, as this is the real message from their animal companions. Her teachings are the very thing we animal people need to allow in to shift our perspective so our relationships can deepen and harmonize."

–Shannon Bayless -

 "Tammy is a gifted healer for both animals and humans.  There is a WOW-factor when she combines the two.  This webinar will give you the awareness, understanding and guidance to heal your animals AND in the process, yourself.  I highly recommend it."   

- K. Wickes -

"The deepening of respect, love, and compassion for not only the animals I’ve been blessed to share my life with, but to also feel this within myself has been so remarkable to experience during this class. The animals truly wish for us to heal and when we really understand this, we all live in more harmony and peace, and Tammy’s gift in guiding other’s to do just this is extraordinarily beautiful."

- Barbara Techel, Oracle Reader, Intuitive Guide, and Author - 

Image by Степан Галагаев

"Tammy is a compassionate teacher!  Her class has a wealth of knowledge and deep spiritual truths.  I know my own healing as well as those of my clients will be deeply enhanced!"  

- Esther Motley/Sierra’s Paws LLC -

"Emotional wounds in animals are not all that different from the deep emotional wounds many of us have. The eye-opener is seeing how the animals in our lives often mirror the specific wounds that we’ve buried deep inside ourselves that need to be healed. And once you put your own agenda aside, mutual healing can begin."  

– Marla Witbrod, Suwanee, GA -

 "So helpful in identifying our own internal struggles and past traumas when we look into the mirror that our beloved pets represent!"  

- Quiche Loraine -    

"I found Tammy’s understanding and knowledge of  emotionally wounded animals to be a blessing. I learned a lot about myself in this class, and I recommend it to anyone who is willing to do the work to get rewards!"
- Liz -

 "This was a wonderful class and I recommend it for anyone who lives or works with animals. Be prepared to face your own wounds with compassion and know that you will be better because of it. It was a great learning experience and it helped me to understand my animals’ pain which often times reflected my own pain that I had suppressed. I am now able to have a healthy relationship with my new pet that is not co-dependent and I’m respectful of his boundaries when he needs space. This class helped me heal grief and the regret of re-homing my first dogs. I now understand that our mutual healing was our purpose. They are always with me in spirit and I was preparing them for their new home. Attending the class also created a bond among my classmates and I was a little sad when it ended."

-Shar G., Healer and Animal Lover-

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Bodhi & Rumi (Tammy's cat companions)

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