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Thank you for watching my summit interview and the brief overview of the five core emotional wounds. Your desire to learn more about how to help your animals heal and connect more deeply with their souls, is a gift to them, the planet and yourself.

The five core emotional wounds are described in detail, along with techniques you can do to help your animal to heal from each one, in my book Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions.

My next 3-part webinar on Healing the Emotional Wounds of Animals (based on the five emotional wounds) begins March 19th and I'd love to have you join me. More info here.

Enjoy the gifts below and thank you for your love of animals!  Love, Tammy (Bodhi & Rumi)

Gift #1

We Are All One ~ Healing the Planet, Animals & Self 

Guided Meditation by Tammy Billups

Gift #2

Animal Soul Contracts Excerpt

The following excerpt is from Animal Soul Contracts by Tammy Billups © 2020 Bear & Company. Shared with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International. 

Release date: 4.7.20 Purchase options here.

Sneak peek excerpt from Chapter 2:

The Sacred Transition of the Animal Soul

 It is truly an honor to be part of this incredible moment when a soul leaves the body and returns to the spirit realm. In a way, it’s a graduation upward and forward to the next chapter of their soul’s evolution, where they will be free and can better support their beloved person(s). Each time I hold that sacred space, it is indescribable and profoundly moving. To be able to sense the beauty and splendor of the soul’s release is something I feel very honored to witness. The amount of pure and unconditional angelic love that surrounds the animals and their people during these final moments leaves me with a renewed sense of peace. Just knowing that we are always supported, that there is always loving energy around us—but especially so during the more difficult times—reinforces my belief that every soul continues its journey.


animal soul contracts cover final.jpg

Sharing with you what I see and feel during healing sessions conducted with animals near transition to Spirit will raise your awareness. It will also give you insights into what is simultaneously happening in the other dimensions, so that your recovery and healing process may be softened before and after your animal returns to Spirit. Below I share with you some of what I have observed during healing sessions that are conducted when animals are nearing or going through their transition time:

• There is a very strong high vibrational angelic presence that surrounds the animal and the people who love him or her. The angels and spirit guides are there for you to lean into for comfort and support. They also surround you, your pet, and your family with a strong, protective boundary because fearful times can draw in lower vibrations. You can ask this angelic presence to help you find clarity and to release your fears, pain, and worries. Intentionally connect with these light beings heart-to-heart to feel their unconditional love. During the release of your companion’s soul, the amount of angelic, pure love around the animal and their guardian(s) intensifies.

• There is a beautiful balancing, cleansing, and opening of the crown chakra (at the top of the head) to ease the release of the animal’s soul, and a spectacular golden white light reaching down from above. This light has the feel and sensation of a magnet, which eases the soul up and out of the body when it’s the animal’s time to leave.

• Energetic heart chakra cords connect us with everyone we are, or ever have been, in relationship with. During these healing sessions, I frequently notice that the heart chakra relationship cord is cleansed and purified between the animal and the people who have given permission for this cleansing. Permission can be given consciously, usually when you have come to a place of peace about releasing your animal back to Spirit. The heart chakra cord between the two of you remains tethered even after your animal has left their body, which makes it easier for you to continue sensing and connecting with them.

• Your Higher Self, (the highest aspect of the soul) greets your animal when they transition. On every occasion that I’ve witnessed this, the person’s own Higher Self was glowing and beaming with love, pride, and gratitude—smiling and completely at peace while simultaneously offering a warm welcome home to them.

• People and animals you’d hoped would greet your animal when they transition will be there to welcome your pet. You can trust that your request for this to happen has been heard. Each time I’ve described to a client who I observed greeting their animal, they’ve responded by telling me that they had prayed, asked for, or hoped that this specific person (or animal) would be the one to greet their animal after its transition.

• Immediately after the animal’s soul has moved out of its body, I’ve witnessed very sacred honoring by the masters and beings of light that work with you and your animal. It is as if they are in ceremony or holding space for the passing of your pet. They provide a strong and sacred light of protection around the animal and their people. Frequently they are in a circle and sometimes are down on one knee with heads tipped forward honorably. Other times there is a feeling of celebration, with light beings and fairies dancing in a circle. I cannot imagine a better welcome home ceremony, which honors the life of teachings and love that animals provide. I’ve noticed that there is a personal connection to the type of honoring circle, and it has to do with the beliefs, personality, and sacred work of the animal and their person(s).

• There’s a possibility the animal’s soul will pass through their person when or after they leave their body, which is an act of gratitude and love. You might sense this as a whoosh of energy or you may experience tingles. Everyone is different in how they sense energy, and there are endless ways for your pet to reach out to you once they are on the other side. But if you think you felt something, you probably did, and it was most likely their soul.

• The animal’s human guardian might receive a “heartfusion”greeting after the animal’s soul exits their body. Heart fusion is how I am choosing to describe an extraordinary, high-vibration soul-to-soul greeting. It’s the union of two souls fusing at the heart. It is a euphoric feeling in which you will feel and recall your soul’s familiarity with the deep love you have for each other, and you will feel intensified levels of gratitude, love, and joy. Perhaps this is a common practice that two souls on the other side utilize to express intimacy and love for each other. I’ve only felt this twice and will never forget it. It feels like ecstasy and brought immediate tears of joy to my eyes and a strong intimate knowing of the other soul.

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Order Animal Soul Contracts 

Ship date: 4.7.20

Bonus Gift #3

Connecting with Your Animal’s Spirit

(excerpt from Chapter 2 of Animal Soul Contracts)

This technique can be used while your animal companion is still
with you, as well as after they have returned to Spirit.

  •  Sit comfortably and relax by taking several deep breaths into

your heart.

  • Call upon your animal’s soul, and ask them to join you. You

can do this telepathically, or by voicing your request out loud,
or both. Imagine them sitting in front of you, next to you, or
perhaps on your lap.

  • Continue to breathe directly into your heart. Maybe place a

hand on your heart to help you to relax.

  •  Imagine a beautiful metallic golden cord of light connecting

your heart to your animal’s heart.


  •  Relax and breathe into this sacred heart-to-heart connection.

Feel the love flowing through the connection.

  •  In this sacred and loving space, you will be granting them a

huge wish if you allow them to send you love and gratitude for
all you have done for them.


  •  Breathe and receive.

  • Share any thoughts with him or her, or ask a question. Express any thoughts you have, no matter the emotion associated with it.

  •  You might sense an answer, see a visual image or certain color,

or simply feel their love. Answers to your questions might
arrive in that moment, later in a dream, or in a unique way
in the days that follow.

  • Let your animal’s soul help you to heal any part of you that is


  •  Give yourself permission to release and heal. This is a way to

honor their soul.

  • Express gratitude.


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