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Summit Bonus Gifts


Welcome to my website!


Thank you for watching my interview on Stephanie Red Feather's Empath Revolution Global Summit!


Your desire to deeply connect with your beloved animal companions benefits them, the planet, and will organically catapult your evolutionary journey to be of sacred service in your unique way.

You can check out more about my books here.

Enjoy the gifts below that are only good for Summit attendees and thank you for your love of animals and for your beautiful sacred work in the world! 

Love, Tammy (Bodhi & Rumi)

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Gift #1
Gratitude to Animals 
Guided Meditation by Tammy Billups


 Animals have consistently showed up to serve humanity. They show us love and are our divine messengers and teachers. They bring us joy and console us when we're down.

This guided meditation was created to take a few minutes to simply send gratitude and love to animals for their sacred service.

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Bonus Gift #2

Connecting with Your Animal’s Spirit

(excerpt from Chapter 2 of Animal Soul Contracts)

This technique can be used while your animal companion is stillwith you, as well as after they have returned to Spirit.

  •  Sit comfortably and relax by taking several deep breaths into your heart.

  • Call upon your animal’s soul, and ask them to join you. Youcan do this telepathically, or by voicing your request out loudor both. Imagine them sitting in front of you, next to you, or perhaps on your lap.

  • Continue to breathe directly into your heart. Maybe place a hand on your heart to help you to relax.

  •  Imagine a beautiful metallic golden cord of light connecting your heart to your animal’s heart.


  •  Relax and breathe into this sacred heart-to-heart connection. Feel the love flowing through the connection.

  •  In this sacred and loving space, you will be granting them a huge wish if you allow them to send you love and gratitude for all you have done for them.


  •  Breathe and receive.

  • Share any thoughts with him or her, or ask a question. Express any thoughts you have, no matter the emotion associated with it.

  •  You might sense an answer, see a visual image or certain color, or simply feel their love. Answers to your questions might arrive in that moment, later in a dream, or in a unique way in the days that follow.

  • Let your animal’s soul help you to heal any part of you that is hurting.

  •  Give yourself permission to release and heal. This is a way to honor their soul.

  • Express gratitude.

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