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Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Inner Traditions/Bear & Co. 2022

Introduction of Animal Wayshowers, by Tammy Billups

Your Ascension Guides

Can you imagine your life without ever having shared your heart and home with animals? Millions of people have been transformed by the love of an animal, and I am no exception. Animals have had a monumental impact on my life. Like endless others, the first time I felt the purity and bliss of unconditional love was from an animal. In my twenties a cute little calico kitten looked into my soul and whispered I see you, I love you, and I was forever changed.

When that same kitty got her wings twelve years later, I was suddenly and quite unexpectedly able to see and feel her soul around me, going about her normal routine in the house. This experience catapulted me into a new level of awareness and fascination for learning more about the many dimensions that I suddenly had access to. It also initiated a challenging and transformational year that rocked me at my core and kicked my previous beliefs to the curb. It was a difficult period of time filled with loss and deep emotional pain, but through the darkest of nights, and there were many, it was my animal companions that stood in the fire with me. And they made it look so effortless.

I often wonder what our planet would be like if the animal kingdom wasn’t holding the high watch for us humans to heal, grow, and evolve. Their presence in our lives is far more impactful and important for our emotional, physical, and spiritual growth than most will ever realize. Our animal companions are guiding lights that have been showing us the way to our hearts since the dawn of time. They offer portals into our soul for a deeper and more intimate understanding of the divine spark held in the sacred center of our being.

I am always in awe to learn, time and time again, that animals are the ones that can get through to people, rock them at their spiritual core, and break the chains that bind their hearts. The spiritual work they do on our behalf never ceases to amaze me. Throughout the last twenty-two years of working with animals and people through my holistic healing practice, I have often been overcome by the sheer strength, determination, courage, and endless love that animals tirelessly exude in their mission to support and awaken us. And much of the time, their purposeful efforts go unnoticed.

Our beloved animal companions are literally on the front lines of the animal kingdom’s efforts to open our hearts and usher in 5D consciousness. In the pages ahead you will learn about the multitude of ways animals have taken on the role of ambassadors to raise the vibration of the planet to one filled with harmony and equality. You see, they have undercover spiritual missions rooted in helping you to navigate through the twists and turns of earthly life to expedite your ascension process to the land of ease and grace in the fifth dimension.

The motivation to write Animal Wayshowers originated from witnessing countless lightworker and wayshower animals consistently standing with their people, and many others, in the throes of 3D polarity to raise the collective consciousness. The extent of their service needs to be shared so people can be aware of the depth of their efforts on our behalf. This book not only illustrates how and why animals are bringing in a higher level of consciousness, it also provides tangible tools for you to join them in unearthing a new time on our planet.


Woven throughout the book, I share examples of extraordinary animals from around the world that have shown up for humanity in ways large and small. The people in the example stories are equally amazing, and I honor their courage to say yes to sharing intimate details of their “animal love story.” I worked closely with them to ensure that every word has factual integrity.

These true-life examples will help you to identify the ways your animal companions might be steering you in a direction that’s significant for your growth and evolution. With each and every example, I called in the animals’ Higher Self (their soul) to join me so I could ensure their purposeful mission and teachings were relayed through the words. I invite you to connect with their wonderful energy to enhance your reading experience and receive the gift their story has for you. Their soul will undoubtedly be filled with joy and gratitude to serve you in this way.

In Part I, “Their Sacred Purpose,” you will learn about the dynamics of an animal wayshower and how the soul contracts you share with your companions reveal themselves in 3D, 4D, and 5D. We dive into soul groups, streams of animal species consciousness, and in addition reveal the many levels of sacred soul service that animals demonstrate at any given time, including during disasters and pandemics, and even from the other side.

Part II, “The Sacred Partnership,” is the heart of the book. You might want to prepare yourself for the expansion and inspiration these animals will surely leave on the doorstep of your heart. It is also likely that by the end of Part II you’ll look at your animal companions with an even greater level of gratitude for how they have lovingly served you. The example stories in chapters 7, 8, and 9 highlight transformational soul journeys, including the way each animal is in service to their person, others, and what their gold nugget teaching is for you! These particular examples provide a deeper look into several remarkable partnerships and also contain journal prompts, rituals, and practices to guide your work alongside your animal companion.

Part III, “Your Sacred Work,” will give you a myriad of ways—through the sharing of my twelve favorite 5D practices—to achieve and hold a higher vibration so you can live an easier, 5D lifestyle alongside your animals. We all want to ease the journeys of our hardworking animal companions, and now you will have the tools to do so. In addition, I called upon industry experts to provide cutting-edge information on sound therapy and crystal therapy for both animals and people that I think you will love!

Perhaps you are unaware of your beloved animals’ higher purpose in your life and are eager to learn more about those possibilities. Their deep, unwavering love for you will remain steadfast no matter where you are on your ascension path to 5D living. Each step of the way, and with utmost certainty, they will remind you that you are lovable and that you matter.

The journey we are about to embark upon will likely touch each facet of your life with animals. Upon the completion of reading this book, I hope you will look at your animals with a newfound respect. I also hope that you fully comprehend that you and your animal companions are copilots on the same flight to a higher dimension. Whatever this book helps you to tap into for your growth, know that it is written from the heart and infused with an abundance of love from the animal kingdom.

May the teachings and incredible animals in this book bring you a new level of healing such that you feel empowered and safe enough to shine your light brighter and share your unique gifts with the world.

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