Support and Intuitive Guidance for Yourself or Your Pet


Looking for support for yourself or your animal companion? Perhaps a conversation is all that's needed to tap into the wisdom held in the

center of your heart. 

Wellness Coach

We all need support sometimes!

Whether you are in the midst of an unresolved issue with yourself or a situation your animal companion, talking things through with Tammy allows you to tap into her twenty years of experience to help you find clarity more quickly.  

Support for Your Animal Companion

Cute Dog

Are you in the midst of a situation with your animal companion that is weighing heavily on your mind?

Tammy can guide you through behavioral issues, physical issues or difficult situations with your animal like rehoming, moving, or end of life decisions. 


Support to Learn the Soul Contracts you Share with Your Pet

Are you interested in determining 

which animal soul contracts you share

with your pet? 

Tammy's intuitive guidance will help to determine which soul contracts might be operating in the heart of your relationship with your animal companion. 

The types of contracts Tammy taps into are documented in her book, Animal Soul Contracts

French Bulldog

Support for Your Healing Journey

Meditating in Mountains

Are you struggling, stuck or in the midst of a difficult situation, issue or experience? 

Talking things through with Tammy will expedite your journey so you can quickly pivot to a better feeling place. 

Tammy will bring you back to your heart, a.k.a. the land of all knowing. Your intentions will guide this intuitive support conversation.


She might guide you through breath work, a meditation, or a heart opening conversation sure to open the flow of love again. 


Consultation Pricing

Support and Intuitive Guidance Conversations for Yourself or Your Pet

  • 30 Minute Consultation $90

  • 45 Minute Consultation $130

Thirty or forty-five minute conversation with Tammy via Zoom audio, or phone.

(All International calls will be held via Zoom audio.)


The consultation call begins with a heart opening centering minute or two, followed by you stating your intentions for what you want to bring forth through the conversation time with Tammy.