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Support and Intuitive Guidance for Yourself or Your Pet


Looking for support for yourself or your animal companion? Perhaps a consultation is all that's needed to tap into the wisdom held in the
center of your heart. 

Wellness Coach

We all need support sometimes!

Whether you are in the midst of an unresolved issue with yourself or a situation your animal companion, talking things through with Tammy allows you to tap into her twenty years of experience to help you find clarity more quickly. 

Consultation options below.

Healing support with your animal companion in spirit.

This heartfelt session begins with a healing meditation to open the heart and guide the session in the direction in the highest and best for your soul's journey.

Tammy will then call in the soul of your animal on the other side to join the session to bring about healing, peace, and, hopefully, resolution for the person. 

The session will give birth to insights, guidance and sometimes information about the soul contracts you shared with the animal. There is no guarantee of the type of information that comes through, but things will organically flow in the highest and best with a strong intention to bring about healing for the person.

The session closes with an oracle card being drawn as a direct message from your animal companion in spirit.

Girl and Horse

Support for Your Animal Companion

Cute Dog

Are you in the midst of a situation with your animal companion that is weighing heavily on your mind?

Tammy can guide you through behavioral issues, physical issues or difficult situations with your animal like rehoming, moving, or end of life decisions. 


Support for Your Healing Journey

Meditating in Mountains

Are you struggling, stuck or in the midst of a difficult situation, issue or experience? 

Talking things through with Tammy will expedite your journey so you can quickly pivot to a better feeling place. 

Tammy will bring you back to your heart, a.k.a. the land of all knowing. Your intentions will guide this intuitive support conversation.


She might guide you through breath work, a meditation, or a heart opening conversation sure to open the flow of love again. 

consultation pricing

Consultation Pricing

Pink Lotus Flower

Consultation Pricing

Your consultation begins with a heart opening meditation, followed by stating your intentions for what you want to bring forth through the conversation time with Tammy. 

U.S. Consultations are conducted via phone.

Outside of the U.S. are conducted via Zoom Audio-Only.

  • One-Hour Consultation  $160

  • Emergency Consultation $250 

Tammy will try to fit you in her schedule, if at all possible, within 72 hours of your email request.

All services are conducted remotely via phone or zoom

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy required for all appointments.

Energy Healing is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. 

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