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Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions 

“In the luminous Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions,  Billups introduces animal lovers to the many ways that energy healing can help promote emotional and physical wellness in our animal companions and ourselves. Believing that our animals come to us in order to help us heal or accept our aid in their own healing, Billups shows how mirroring traumas and hidden harmful behaviors can lead to an understanding of how such issues can hold all creatures back from reaching their full potential and living a life of compassion and self-worth.

If this philosophy sounds a bit too New Age, do yourself and your animals a favor by reading Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions with an open mind and receptive heart. You might just find your life changed for the better.”

-Best Friends Magazine-

“I have read hundreds of books in this field and this is one of the best books I can recommend to anybody who wants to learn to have better relationships with their animals and appreciate how much the animals are doing for us. There is no other book like this.”

-Dr. Zohara Hieronimus-

Award Winning Radio Broadcaster, Author, Social Justice,

Environmental and Animal Activist

“Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions ultimate message is one of greater spiritual consciousness and personal evolution: By recognizing that our beloved pets are in our lives because we call to them, and vice versa, we can expedite our growth, as well as that of our pets.”

-Natural Awakenings Magazine-

“A powerfully insightful book.  Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions teaches you how to connect with animals in ways you’d never thought were possible.  An enlightening read.”  

-Jennifer Skiff-

 Bestselling Author of God Stories & The Divinity of Dogs

“Tammy Billups teaches us that we aren’t in it alone. The powerful connection we have with our animals, can fulfill them and us in ways we never knew. If we just take a step back and observe, we’ll realize that our animals may understand us better than we understand ourselves. Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions helps us all make that realization in a wonderfully engaging read that will encourage everyone to learn the unspoken signals of their furry friends in order to nourish a deeper and meaningful animal-human relationship.”

-Mike Bettes-

Meteorologist at the Weather Channel and owned by “Joplyn”,

the orphaned dog he rescued during the 2011 Joplin MO tornado.

“This book is for all of us that truly love our pets and consider them family. I consider this book the most important book I have ever read about animal behavior. The author has written a definitive book about animal behavior that has much to teach us about our relationships with our animals. I wish I had read this when my elderly cat was alive. The author talks of our souls connections and for so many of us that are connected to our animals this resonated with me.

The author talks about mirroring and how our pets feel our emotions and moods. How we affect them with our moods . I found this a helpful guide to furthering my relationship with a very difficult rescue cat who does not allow touch.  Going forward with her I will be using this book as a guide to understand her.


I love the examples the author provides of how to work with your animals to better understand them and what they need from us.  This is a wonderful book for all who truly love their animals and feel a soul connection with our animals. I highly recommend this book to all animal lovers and will be giving it out for gifts.

I look forward to further works by this talented author.  I am sure my rescue cat would thank the author as well!  A wonderful, enlightening  book.”


NetGalley Reviews

“Tammy Billups’ Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions: The Hidden Keys to a Deeper Animal-Human Connection is an accessible read about the meaningful connections that make up the relationships humans have with the animals in their lives. Billups is a certified Interface Therapist and animal bioenergy healer, thus providing insight from a spiritual and bioenergetics perspective on our animals’ actions, behaviours and physical issues, and how those are deeply connected to our own energy and emotional wounds.

Aimed towards readers who are animal lovers, this book is akin to a spiritual guide to understanding your animal companion on a deeper level, which ultimately leads to understanding yourself. This journey of self-discovery ends up greatly benefiting both the human and the animal.

Billups takes us through the five core emotional wounds that an animal may have. She describes behaviours and physical ailments that are associated with each core wound, and provides us with ways or methods to help the animal through them.

One of the most effective devices used throughout the book is Billups’ telling of the stories of animals that she helped or met over the years.  These stories highlight not only how inextricably linked humans and their animal companions are, but also, more importantly, how these animals serve as guides and teachers.  However, we must be the ones to open our eyes, hearts, minds and very selves in order to learn from them.

The key lesson to be learned here is a simple but wonderfully powerful one: love yourself. Billups reminds us that loving ourselves means healing and accepting ourselves, and our animal companions are there to help us on that journey. In healing ourselves, we also heal them; in accepting ourselves, we accept them for who they are.

What I find surprising is my own emotional response to the book and how it applies to what Misty and I are going through. When we adopted Misty, I was in a dark place in my life: anxious, miserable and non-responsive. Looking back, it’s obvious that we were meant for each other. Although I don’t know much about her past, I can see that her wounds are the same as mine. We both still have a ways to go, but we’re healing together, and I can’t imagine going through this without her.” 

-The Mindful Word Magazine-

“In Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions, Tammy Billups introduces us to the sacred spirits of our animal companions in such a way that our relationships with them will never be the same.  She dives so profoundly into the synergetic relationship with these beloved creatures, that we meet them at the level of our collective soul.  As a result, the spiritual path of both animal and human is greatly enhanced.

Through intuition, education, story and practical application, Tammy creates a road map that transcends mere connection and offers mystical insights that are sure to deepen even the longest friendship. Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions is far more than a book about animals, it is an invitation to transformation and sacred partnership.

I particularly enjoy the sensitive manner in which Tammy acknowledges difficult emotions, ours and those of our furry family members and then uses them to construct a portal through which healing and oneness can happen.  This is the work of a sincere spiritual guide whose authentic revelations are a necessary awareness for the evolution of our planet.  As a fellow lover of all creatures great and small, I thank Tammy for being such a vital and important voice on our collective journey toward oneness with all creation.”  

-Rev. Richard Burdick- 

Unity North Atlanta

“Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions gives us a comprehensive avenue to help connect with our animals at a deep level. Tammy’s true stories with her heart-centered presentation easily explains the animal’s role in our lives. She offers simple solutions to turn things around through self-discovery and the unconditional love we share with our animal companions. If you have concerns about your animal or just love them dearly, this is a must read!”

-Carol Komitor-

 Founder, Healing Touch for Animals®

“It is rare indeed to find a master healer who has done so much of her own inner emotional healing work. Tammy Billups walks her teachings. Her unique life mission to illuminate the profound healing connection between animals and their humans is a true and needed gift at the right time. Now, when Mother Earth is pleading with us to wake up and honor all living things, we are blessed to have this wisdom.


Tammy calls us to examine our all-too-human extremes of mistreatment and neglect of animals versus our co-dependent and over-attentive neediness with our animal companions, and to find a healthier higher ground. She gently yet firmly teaches us to look for the divine purpose and deeper meaning in all our predicaments with our animals as reflections of ourselves.

Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions is an essential read for all animal lovers, whether you are on the front lines of animal activism or quietly living with animal beloveds. It will open you, empower you, deepen you, and work magic on your own soul.


May we use Tammy’s insight and guidance to remove the veils of illusion and discover the true nature of our animal companions and ourselves as Wounded Healers, as Ram Das says “walking each other home”.  For many years now, I have been blessed to witness profound shifts from Tammy’s work with my own adopted animal clan and the animals in my extended families. Thank you, Tammy, for now offering your gifts to the larger world.”

-Anyaa T McAndrew-

MA, LPC, NCC  Transpersonal~Shamanic Psychotherapist

“Pet lovers know there is a unique connection between human and pet. It’s only when we go deeper into animal and human psychology do we see just how unique that connection truly is. Animal Healer Tammy Billups takes us beyond the fur, the obvious affection for our pets, and shows us our connection is heart to heart and Soul to Soul. 


Written in an easy, entertaining and enlightening style, Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions dives deep with real life antidotes to illuminate behavioral patterns and how they were successfully overcome.  Billups, an Interface Therapist in the field of Bioenergetics, teaches us when we step back from placing our emotions on our pet and look deeper inside ourselves we can see the behaviors are being mirrored by our pet. As we heal ourselves, the relationship with our pet changes and our pets are our willing and loving participants in this healing relationship.

Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions is not just a book filled with Billups’ successful antidotes but also a guide on how to handle different difficult situations and ways to bridge the communication gap in the Human/Animal connection. Billups’ explores with us different behavior types most of our pets fall into and how each of these types are elements of ourselves and our pet waiting to be healed. A journey of love, compassion and healing, Soul Healing helps us find ourselves through our beloved pet and grow the bond between the two worlds in a way that is healthy, joyful and long-lasting.

From a Shamanic perspective we know animals are an extension of ourselves. Billups shows us very clearly how our pets truly have a Higher purpose, a Divine Commitment if you will, to help us see beyond ourselves. Soul Healing will not only help you understand your pet better but will also help you understand yourself better. Billups shows us just how our pets are our teachers and companions through “good” and “bad” and how we are truly interconnected.

After reading this wonderful book I’m now convinced, more than ever, of the Soul Journey we share with our pets. Soul Healing with Our Animal Companion is a must read for any animal lover who wishes to deepen the connection with their pet and how to discover and heal behavioral issues for a happy and healthy home.” 

-Don Reed Simmons-

Visionary Business Consultant, Shamanic Teacher/Practitioner

Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions is a must for anyone who has ever loved an animal. This is not just another book about animals. This a book about the relationship between you and your animal…that the beauty that we see in our animal companions is also in us. While the ideas in Tammy’s book are not brand new to me…that our animals reflect back to us what we like or don’t like in ourselves…, what is new to me is how our relationship with them enhances all our other relationships, especially the one we have with ourselves. This is ground-breaking information.


Tammy has a way of sharing her wisdom, her compassion and her joy for the human/animal connection in an easy-to-read, story-telling fashion that had me hanging on every word.


I recommend Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions to anyone who wants to know themselves at a deeper level through their relationship with their animals.”

-Lorelei Robbins-

 MA, Astrologer, Dream Accelerator

Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions offers amazing insights into our beloved companions and reveals the issues that we often share with our pets. Tammy’s bioenergy healing work with thousands of animals (and people) and what she has learned has given her an invaluable understanding of what our animals need from us, and what we need and can receive if we raise our level of awareness. I feel blessed to have been invited to write a review for this outstanding book, because I have learned so much that I am already putting into practice. I can’t wait to have Tammy do a session on my dog. I wonder what message she will have for my own healing needs!” 

-Carole O’Connell-

Author of: The Power of Choice; Seven Secrets to Abundant Living; and The Adventures of CJ and Angel

“For the last ten years, Tammy has donated sessions and worked with special needs cases of dogs and cats under the care of Our Pal’s Place, provided advice to the leadership team of Our Pal’s Place when making tough decisions, and has guided me through difficult times with my pets time and time again. It has been such a privilege to work with her!

Through Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions, I have an even better, more conscious understanding of the relationship between humans and their pets. Soul Healing opened my eyes to how animals mirror our own lives and emotions, and gift us endless blessings that many times we completely miss.

By understanding how we are in relationship with our pets (in particular, sections The Connection and The Knowing), we can more quickly help them to feel better. My wish is for all people to have exposure to the vast knowledge and teachings of Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions for their own healing and the well-being of their pets. Thanks, Tammy, for sharing your knowledge, guidance and gifts with us!” 

-Gigi Graves-

 Founder and Executive Director of Our Pals Place, Inc.

“Billups, founder of the Sundance Healing Center, presents practical advice on how to develop a deeper connection with pets in this cheerful book. She starts by sharing stories of her experiences working as a therapist to heal pets’ emotional trauma. One story is of Labrador retriever mix Buster: “[with] consistent patience, compassion, and love, he softened, healed, and began to trust again.” Billups stresses that pets will mirror their owners’ emotions and behavior, so when owners are feeling sad or tense, their pets will too. Billups’s advice is sensible and includes practices such as giving pets more independence (even when the owner is at home) and allowing them space to grieve a loved one. As for humans, she recommends “placing your hands on your heart and imagining divine love” on a daily basis. Because pets offer unconditional love, owners can feel a sense of the divine and God through them, Billups contends. Written in uncomplicated, inspiring language, Billups’s book will be appreciated by pet owners with a spiritual bent.”

-Publishers Weekly-

“This book is dedicated to “all animal lovers wanting to bring more awareness and light into the heart of their relationships with their animal companions in the name of love.” YES, I thought. Exactly. That is me. We have three rescued beloved companions: two adolescent cats and one elderly dog and I love all of them with all my heart. The author affirms for me that there is more to our relationships with our beloved pets than meets the eye.


She discusses energy healing (bioenergetics) with the voice of experience and authority and I loved learning more about this to use with our own animals. Getting emotionally close to them as well as “mirroring” are two topics that especially fascinated me. She writes well and gives excellent examples as stories from her own life and her own pets, so that the ideas she is presenting are easily assimilated.”

-Anne Marie B.-

Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions, is a title that resonates with me, given that I live with a teenage daughter, two cats, and a young dog. I am a solo woman on a healing path — a survivor who is overcoming abuse and trauma, by continually learning about the power of unconditional love. My pets have augmented my healing process. I am a part of their pack. After a lifetime of longing, I have finally found a sense of deep comfort and belonging with the animals that are part of my life.

I was excited to jump right in and start reading upon arrival of the paperback. At 192 pages, the colourful cover shows the silhouette of a happy looking woman touching and talking to a dog.As I settled in to read, my dog dropped down next to me and my two cats came, one after another, to curl up on the couch beside me. I felt that my animal companions could sense that Soul Healing was something for all of us to share.

Soul Healing with our Animal Companions, by Tammy Billups begins with a dedication, “To Kahlua, the first soul to teach me about unconditional love.” As I share this sentiment, I was instantly attuned to the author. Animals have been a life-long source of unconditional love for me, particularly during times of uncertainty within my family relationship matrix. I thought, “ah, a book that speaks to my experiences.”

In “The Origin,” Tammy Billups lays the foundation for Soul Healing, and reveals how training at the Center for Integrative Therapy has taught her:


It was Billups’s training to work with humans, extrapolating to her animal energy healing practice, which proved most effective. Soul Healing is filled with wisdom that she gained through the cumulative experience of that energy work.

I read Soul Healing quickly, and had several “a-ha” moments. Billups states that animals can mirror the emotional and behavioural wounds of their human companions. As such, treating one’s emotional baggage involves treating their companion as well. I thought about how emotionally connected my current pets are in comparison to the scared and scarred ones of the past. I felt affirmed in my ongoing journey of emotional healing.

I recognized that my own growing wellness was mirrored in my animals.

In the fifth chapter, Billups described the specific emotional core wounds, writing “Your animal may have an unhealed emotional wound that created a feeling of abandonment, betrayal, terror (feeling unsafe), invasiveness, or being detached from his or her core authentic self.” 2

Terror produces “the scared ones,” invasiveness produces the “sensitive ones,” betrayal produces “the protector,” abandonment produces “the needy ones,” and the lack of solid connection with true essence or authenticity produces “the perfect ones.”

Each emotional wound is illustrated by a story about an animal the author had known, followed by techniques recommended for reaching and treating the respective core issue.

Engrossed, I found myself flipping down the corner of pages that stood out to me and quickly had a very dog-eared book. I liked that each chapter contained a section entitled “Essential Wisdom” that summarizes what had been introduced in the chapter and distills it to bite-sized, savoury morsels.

Billups urged readers to not give their power away to so-called “experts” and encouraged people to “trust yourself” and “seek guidance by looking within.” You should be calling on the guidance of a higher power, surrendering your attachment to a certain outcome, and staying open to the messages from the divine that can come to you. She writes, “There is divine order and timing present in the middle of every decision you make on your animals’ behalf.”3

Attuned to helping our animal companions (and ourselves) heal, she writes, “there are endless gifts that naturally arrive when you begin looking at your animals as messengers and guides.”4 The rewards include authenticity, vulnerability, peace, acceptance, empowerment, compassion, a higher level of consciousness, well-being, and an enhanced spiritual connection not just with your animals, but within yourself.

I had expected Soul Healing to include specific techniques for undertaking energy-healing with my animals. Instead, it was a reiteration of many psychological teachings and techniques that I was already aware of, with encouragement to use these techniques with my animal companions.

I was thrilled to contemplate the knowledge I gained through reading Soul Healing with our Animal Companions, because as Billups writes, “You are in each other’s lives to expand the love in your hearts. Let love always be your guide.” I highly recommend the book Soul Healing with your Animal Companions, by Tammy Billups. Reading it has empowered me to further heal myself and my pets using these tools. May you read this and “be a role model for love,” further healing yourself and your animal companions.” 

-Spiral Nature Magazine-

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