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Mon, May 06


Empath Revolution Global Summit

Are you an empath or sensitive soul? Then sign up to learn from 22 experts who are sure to help you find your way with more ease and grace.

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Empath Revolution Global Summit
Empath Revolution Global Summit

Time & Location

May 06, 2024, 11:00 AM – May 10, 2024, 7:00 PM

About the event

You are the new human blueprint!

Whether you identify as a highly sensitive person, empath, creative type, telepath, healer, psychic, or star seed…

…you came here . . . to this planet . . . right now . . . for a reason.

As empaths, we chose to incarnate at this moment in human evolution with our special collection of qualities because, quite simply, it is time. And, as such, we are uniquely qualified for this mission as way-showers.

Presently it may seem like we are an anomaly, but truly, we are the new norm! Trendsetters aren’t known to be rule followers. They are rule breakers. They do things, see things, know things, and believe things before they are popular or accepted. Your life experiences have prepared you for this unique role.

Have you been the black sheep? The weirdo? The one cast out, judged, misunderstood, or ridiculed by your family?

Maybe, instead of them being here to teach you, you are here to teach them. Instead of your family, friends, workplace, and society trying to get you to fit into their mold, is it possible that you are really here to break the mold altogether?

Being an empath is an honor. And it is the way forward. Instead of walking through life hiding your exquisite brilliance, can you instead walk in full brightness believing—knowing—that you are the prototype for the next phase of human evolution?

Can you embrace the risk of being different? Can you accept, with humility and confidence, your mission—however small or large—to contribute a higher vibration to the collective?

The emergence of so many empaths in recent decades isn’t a random occurrence. It is the next level in our human evolution—what I call the empathic big bang. Those of us present on the planet right now are here to help anchor the new human blueprint as we ascend into higher consciousness.

This summit is for those of you who wish to embrace and manage your sensitive nature, but even more profoundly, it is for those who are seeking an entirely new paradigm—one that illuminates your place in the cosmos and gives you a sense of belonging and purpose.

It is for all of you who chose—at a soul level—to incarnate on this planet right now to help humanity evolve into the next level of consciousness.

Tammy Billups will be speaking at this global summit. Her talk is titled: The Animal-Human Sensitive Soul Healing Partnership 

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