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Package & Individual Session Pricing
Package Sessions​*
Individual Sessions
​Life-long patterns and distorted, unhealthy beliefs are created by unresolved trauma’s, emotional wounds and generational torch-passing.
Your personal healing path to wholeness will likely require multiple sessions to reach and heal the original wound. 
Package sessions are a commitment to your inner healing and growth, and can provide the long lasting results you desire.
  • Package of Four One-Hour Sessions  $500/($125)*
    Suggested timing for sessions is weekly or bi-weekly. Unused sessions expire 4 months from purchase date.
  • Package of Six One-Hour Sessions $690/($115)*
    Suggested timing for sessions is weekly or bi-weekly. Unused sessions expire 6 months from purchase date.
​Open the door for healing and restoration in this energetic healing session. (Humans and/or animals)
  • One-Hour Healing Session 
       $150-200 (sliding scale)*
*Choose any amount within the sliding scale range for an individual session. Whatever amount you feel drawn to paying (within the sliding scale) is the right amount.        

  • Thirty-Minute Consultation $90
  • Forty-Five Minute Consultation $130
    More about these supportive guidance conversations here. (Consultations are not psychic readings.)
  • One-Hour Emergency Healing Session $275

 This is for those who have an urgent need to get a healing appointment (animal or person). These are booked according to any possible availability Tammy has at the last minute. She will try her very best to fit your session in within 24-48 hours, though there might be circumstances in which she cannot. Email and leave a message at 770.235.6609


 *Package sessions are interchangeable and can be used for tandem healing sessions, individual healing sessions, or animal healing sessions. Packages are non-refundable. 

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy required for all appointments.

For appointments outside of the U.S. your session calls will be via zoom link. (audio only)

Energy Healing is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. 


your Session


Step 1


Schedule your session appointment by clicking the button below and providing several preferred session dates/times, your time zone, and service type. 


Or call 770.235.6609

Tammy offers a FREE 15 minute phone or zoom audio call to determine fit for your needs and the services she provides. 

Schedule an introductory call with Tammy to discover how she partners with her clients for the best outcome possible. 

Step 2

Intake Forms

Once your appointment is secured, please fill out the Intake Form* below then send via email. 

(Click here to make other arrangements to send the form.) Intake forms are required for healing session but not needed for consultation appts.

With the information you provide, Tammy can best support you and your animal companions on your healing journey.

Email Tammy if you'd rather have the Intake Form emailed to you as a word doc.

Step 3


Pay for your session(s) by clicking the below secure payment button. It takes you to the payment page with instructions for PayPal, Zelle or Venmo.

(Make other payment arrangements).

All sessions must be paid prior to your appointment. 

Thank you!

Read Step 4 below for instructions for your phone or zoom appointment.  

For scheduling support, email Tammy by clicking here. 
Or call 770.235.6609

Step 4

Session Instructions

Read the instructions below for your remote/phone session.  

All healing sessions are facilitated remotely, via phone, and are confidential. 

Instructions for your Phone or Zoom Healing Session

  • U.S. residents please call Tammy at your appointment time.  All international sessions will be conducted via zoom. Tammy will email the link and you will pop on the audio only zoom call at your appointment time.

  • You will then chat briefly to discuss the most recent and prevalent emotional and physical issues, and intentions for your session.

  • For U.S. calls you'll hang up and Tammy will facilitate the healing session. (Approximately 30-45 minutes). Zoom calls will be paused via muting both parties.

  • Create a sacred space for the healing session. Perhaps light a candle and put on soft ambiance music. Promote a peaceful and sacred environment for you (and/or your animal companion) to relax as much as possible.  

  • During the session it's possible you (or your animal) might fall asleep, or have memories or emotions rise to the surface as they release, or feel sensations of energy or twitches on your body, see flashes of color or dream-state experiences, or you might feel nothing. It's all normal. 

  • Upon completion of the session via phone call, Tammy will call you back to share her observations of the session. You might want to take notes. If your session is on Zoom, Tammy will unmute herself and strike a chime to gently bring you back into the space. Zoom session debriefings are recorded upon request.  


  Energy Healing is not a substitute for medical care. 

If you or your animal has a medical emergency, call your doctor or veterinarian immediately. 

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy on all offerings.