sacred agreements

The revolutionary new online interactive class to help you discover and unlock the wisdom held within the soul contracts you share with your animal companions.

Four consecutive Thursday evenings.

In this time of great potentiality to hold higher frequencies than ever before, our animal companions want to show us the way to our hearts and lift us into a 5D reality, if we are ready to raise our awareness.

Are you ready?


Join me on an adventure to the higher dimensions of your relationships with your animal companions! 

Give yourself permission to allow:

· Heart-opening transformation

· More love · Raising your awareness  · Embracing a new type of relationship with your animal companions

· Connection and community with like minded animal lovers.

  • In "Sacred Agreements", together we will boldly go beyond existing belief systems of how you've viewed your relationships with your animal companions.


  • We will explore new paradigms, discover the soul history of animals, and learn about the seven types of soul contracts that will support and benefit your shared evolutionary journeys.


  • We will journey to the higher purpose of the animal-human relationship, and learn to spiritually evolve with the animals that chose to partner with us in this lifetime.


  • We will intimately look at the soul-to-soul and heart-to-heart relationships you have with your animal companions to deepen your understanding of why you came together.

           Your animals want you to feel more love and have less struggle!  

All of this in a format (zoom) that you can do from the comfort of your own home!

 Take a look inside

"Sacred Agreements"

August 2020 · Four Thursday Evenings

**This event is closed for new applicants. Check back here regularly or sign up for Tammy's newsletter for updated info (bottom of this page). Tammy will offer this webinar series again the first quarter of 2021. 

Week One · 8/6 · 7-9:30 EDT

The Soul History of Animals 

We begin this journey by learning more about the soul history of the animals as Tammy answers the most frequently asked questions from clients, and shares stories from them and  her personal experiences.

  • Do animals have karma?

  • Do they repeatedly incarnate with the same person?

  • Can you arrange for a specific animal to reincarnate with you?

  • Can an animal have been a different species in another life?

  • Do animals have karma to balance with each other?

  • Why would the soul of an animal choose to incarnate into an abusive situation?

Week Three · 8/20 · 7:30-9:30

Aligning with the Soul Contracts

Tammy will share the results of the extraordinary Tandem Healing™case studies she facilitated.

The case studies reveal the most common ways that soul agreements will be active in your relationship with animals.  


Then she'll answer:

  • Can you void a contract? or veer off course?

  • What happens when the contract is completed? 

  • How do you get (and stay) in alignment to assure you and your animal are accomplishing the intentions of the contracts your souls designed? 

Week Two · 8/13 · 7:30-9:30

Types of Soul Contracts

 What is a soul contract? Tammy will explain details about these sacred agreements you have with your animal companions.

She'll detail each of the seven types of soul contracts she's observed operating within a person's relationship with their animal(s). 

There will be tangible examples within each agreement type to discuss and learn from so each attendee can thoroughly understand and identify potential contracts that might be operating within their animal relationships, or their clients.

Week Four · 8/27 · 7:30-9:30

Creating a Sacred Transition

 Much of this weeks class will be discussing the potential soul contracts you have with your pets, answering questions, and learning how to pivot to being and living a new reality with your animals. 

As a bonus to this program, you will also learn more about how your soul contracts go into play at the end of your pets life. 

Tammy will also share:

  • What she sees in other dimensions while connected to client's animals.

  • Who the first being to greet your animal on the other side is.

  • How to connect with your pet in heaven.

  • How to create a sacred transition, when possible, for your animal.


Pricing and Program Details

 August 2020 Pilot Program    $249* (30% savings!)

  • Opportunity to co-create with Tammy.

  • Limited group size to keep things safe and interactive to allow for questions.

  • Weekly exercises and a daily recommended meditation to deepen the teachings.

  • Four weekly group interactive classes that are approx. 100-130+ minutes (via Zoom) Each class opens with a short meditation calling in your animal team.

  • BONUS: One Private 45 minute intuitive support Consultation call with Tammy to determine the soul contracts you share with your pet (past or present)  $120 Value · Three types of Consultations to choose from.

      Click here for options.

*Can be paid in two installments. Discuss with Tammy during your initial call.

"Tammy is a compassionate teacher!  Her class has a wealth of knowledge and

deep spiritual truths. 

My own healing as well as those of my clients has been deeply enhanced!"


-Esther Motley, Sierra’s Paws LLC-

"Tammy’s class opens this powerful and insightful world of pets and people being an integral part of each others healing process in a tangible and meaningful way.

You won’t look at your pet or anyone else’s the same again.

Together we can heal and make the world a better place, Tammy helps us realize this."


-Barb Horn, Co-Author, Divine Dog and Cosmic Cat Wisdom Oracle Decks- 

 I'm interested! What's next?

  1. Download the application. Email the completed document to: info@tammybillups.com

  2. Tammy will be in touch within 48 hours to set up a quick call to discuss your application. (Check your spam if you don't hear from her.)

Email Tammy with any questions.

Or call 770.235.6609

 Join the waiting list for the seasoned Sacred Agreements class · 1st Quarter of 2021 · $349



About Tammy

Tammy is a celebrated and sought after healer of humans and animals and has facilitated thousands of sessions over two decades. Taking what she observed and learned, Tammy has created two bestselling books, and several masterclass programs with the strong intention of expediting the healing process for all beings.


She's a certified Interface Therapist, award winning author, speaker and pioneer in animal-human relationships.Her work is psycho-spiritual in nature.


Tammy’s new book, Animal Soul Contracts, has been widely received for covering uncharted ground and has been described by many as life changing. Her ground-breaking discoveries on the soul contracts between animals and their humans were featured at the 2019 Animal Wisdom World Summit, and the 2020 Animal Communicator & Healer Summit. 

Furthermore, Tammy has been featured on dozens of podcasts, radio shows and television; and has appeared on Oprah, CNN’s The Daily Share, and PrimeTime Live ABC.


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