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The Secret to Animals Sixth Sense

After the disastrous tsunami in 2004, H.D. Ratnayake, Deputy Director of Sri Lanka’s Wildlife Department, said, “No elephants are dead, not even a dead hare or rabbit. I think animals can sense disaster. They have a sixth sense. They know when things are happening.”

We’ve all heard the stories and probably experienced them as well. Dogs trying to warn their people of heart attacks or strokes, birds suddenly migrating prior to an unexpected earthquake or volcanic eruption, squirrels frantically storing food and building their nests higher in the trees before a severe winter, and cats instinctively knowing when a person is close to passing in nursing homes.

Many people even utilize their pet’s sixth sense when purchasing a home or dating someone, as if they have a “weird vibe detector,” which they do, of course! The list goes on and on. As animal lovers, we already know animals are just flat out more connected to something greater.

I went through a difficult period after experiencing four losses seventeen years ago, and frequently had severe nightmares. During the worst of the nightmares, I would awaken to my body vibrating in fear to the point that I couldn’t breathe, only to see my cat Vasi standing firmly on my chest, warning with a loud meow to take a breath.

There are many theories about animals’ extraordinary sixth sense abilities. Their hearing and smelling senses are much better than humans, which no doubt aids in their instinctively guided reactions. However, it is their ability to sense, feel, and see energy that most contributes to the magic we see in their actions.  Everything is energy first. Every storm. Every disease. Every emotion.

My belief is that all animals have souls, all animals feel love, and all living creatures have a sixth sense. Yes, that means humans as well. We see evidence of “higher sense perception” more so in animals because they haven’t lost their connection to the divine. In fact, they instinctively do whatever it takes to maintain that connection.

It’s even more than that. Here’s the big secret and gift for you as to why animals appear to be more intuitive:  Animals trust their reactions, or “gut feelings,” and spontaneously act on them accordingly. People have a much more difficult time trusting themselves and their feelings.

Animals never question the validity that what they are sensing is real.

People have this same ability to know when something doesn’t feel right, but they are trained early in their lives to give away their power to others that are perceived to be more connected. They forget that they were born with the same ability as animals, because over the first decade of their lives they are taught that knowing is more important than feeling, which causes a disconnect to their innate abilities to believe and react on their own internal guidance.

The first step in adhering to what the animals are so beautifully modeling for people, and integrate their teachings, is learning to trust yourself and strengthening your connection to a higher power, through meditation, for example. When you are more connected, you will easily be able to trust yourself more and in turn your intuition, or sixth sense, is naturally enhanced. Then you will begin noticing the everyday synchronicities and magic that will show up in your life!

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