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The Power of Intentions

Happy New Year! It’s an ideal time to set intentions to direct the course of where your energy will flow in the coming year.The act of setting intentions at the first of the year helps to focus your mind, and it prioritizes what’s most important for your soul’s growth.Then your inner transformation will automatically be activated so your wishes can more easily flow into your life. Your intentions are more apt to be in alignment (to create a grace-filled positive outcome) when you tap into your souls truest longings.


My suggestion for creating your New Year’s intentions:

·Sit and reflect on what elements of your life are most important to you. Perhaps do this exercise in nature or a place where you feel safe, comfortable and connected. Ask your heart: What brings you the greatest joy? What fuels your fire? What fills you with a rewarding sense of purpose? 

·Breathe deeply into your heart and let unconditional love flow throughout your being. Ask your heart: What do you want to allow and create in your life? Write down your hearts desires as you create a list of your intentions and desires for the upcoming year. 

·Ask spirit to fill your list with light and love and imagine your creations as if already realized. Keep the list in a sacred place like an altar or under a special stone. Choose a place that fosters the spiritual caretaking of your sacred list.

·You might want to share certain aspects of your list with someone that will be supportive and help you stay focused, or perhaps ask them to hold space for your intentions to take root and flourish. 

·Create a short mantra or gratitude statement that will serve as your daily reminder of your intentions, and use it during your sacred prayer or meditation time to set your daily focus. Example: I am grateful my intentions are manifesting in my life in the perfect way and timing. 

·Let go and trust yourself and the universe.Try as much as possible to be unattached to the outcome and timing of your intentions. Take action steps when you feel guided, and trust the process. Your hearts desires will beautifully bloom when the time is right.

May your year be filled with magical synchronicities and beautiful surprises that take your breath away.

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