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The Magic of Hummingbirds

In many cultures, hummingbirds are considered messengers of love, joy, hope, and spiritual wisdom. Hummingbirds are safe to love. These magical joy bringers beat their wings at the rate of 70 times per second! Their figure eight wing flap allows them to fly backwards, and their diving speed is up to 60mph-- and even at that speed, they can stop on a dime. It seems that hummingbirds are gifted with abilities that defy the odds of logic, and we all delight at having encounters with these enchanting winged lightbeams!

Last evening, close to dusk, I was in the front yard watering the flower garden when I noticed a hummingbird on the butterfly bush about 30' away. Immediately, I smiled and began to whisper telepathically, asking her to come closer. I stood very still while watering one flower and then watched with glee as the hummingbird made its way down the entire garden, one flower at a time, until she arrived exactly where I was standing. She then flitted around my head within a foot, eager to greet me and curious to connect.

She modeled a fearlessness I hope to emulate. I'm certain my eyes were twinkling with delight as she hovered inches in front of my face. I "heard" her say thank you (for planting flowers that she loves); and I responded in kind, thanking her for sprinkling joy through my gardens. Then she sped off in the blink of an eye. 

This encounter made my day, and I won't soon forget it. I highly recommend making an intention to live in the present moment to welcome and manifest mystical experiences with greater regularity. 

Every human can connect more intimately with nature and animals when we respect them and their journeys. Keep believing in the higher, purposeful magic in each of our endless connections here in Earth School. There are teachers everywhere helping us through synchronicities and supernatural encounters of the heart. Awaken to their gifts.

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