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The Hidden Key to Having Happy, Healthy Pets

If I had a nickel for every time a person asked me what they could do to help their pets feel more loved, comfortable, happier, or healthier… I’d have enough money to run an ad on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. And on that ad would be a personal message from pets to their beloved people answering that question by simply saying:

“Love yourself as much as I love you.”

Our pets are evolving too and if they live in your house they are serving you on many levels. You’ve come together in this life so you can both heal, grow and feel love like never before. Your pet is drawn to you like a magnet to mirror what you are most needing to receive, or release, in any given moment. They are your mirrors for what you are repressing emotionally, and what you are working on allowing in your life.

The positive impact of giving yourself love or negative impact of constantly criticizing yourself, provide very different results. It’s no big secret that when you feel better so does your pet. If you tend to look at what is wrong versus what is right within yourself and in your life, then your animals are more likely to manifest physical and/or behavioral issues.

Your animals can literally absorb your emotions through the energy that surrounds you both. And it will literally make them sick until you can begin giving yourself what your body, mind and soul most longs for: self-love. When you are able to quiet your inner critic and begin to stop judging yourself and give yourself unconditional love, then you will both be healthier and happier…through the good times and not-so-good ones.

Your pets set an exemplary example to remind you that you can source unconditional love from within yourself. In doing such you will live in the present moment and accept yourself for who you are with the skills and challenges unique to you. Your pets never feel badly about themselves. They don’t constantly berate themselves for not having ‘enough’ or being more ‘successful’.

You are human and life is not perfect, so be gentle with yourself. Your animals want to support you as you learn to pivot into this new learning. Loving yourself through challenging times is one of the greatest teachings from your animal companions.

The more you take time daily to accept, appreciate and give yourself love through your choices and self-talk, the more unconditional love you will have to give others. And, that is why you are both here.

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