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Tammy's Tips for Separation Anxiety

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Here are some basic tips to start with to ease your animals’ separation anxiety:

1. Make an intention to come from a more grounded place of empowerment regarding their distress around being alone. Give yourself permission to disengage from the usual feelings it triggers within you and see it all from a higher perspective. Pulling back your energy will free up space for the Divine to be able to assist you with the desired transformation.

2. Avoid tearful goodbyes that might be feeding your ego and codependency needs. In your thoughts and visualizations, see him feeling safe and having all of his needs met. Assume he’ll be fine when you’re not together.

3. Quiet down the happy reunions by avoiding petting or greeting her until she settles down.

4. Resist reprimanding him or focusing on the negative behavior. Scolding them for something done while you are gone will only make things worse and cause them more anxiety.

5. Prepare your animal for some alone time by burning off some energy before you leave. Maybe take her for a walk, or engage in a few minutes of play time.

6.Leave her alone while you are at home for short periods of time every day so she can become more independent.

7. While you are away, visualize him feeling safe, secure and peaceful. Believe and know that he is fine and if your thoughts go to fear around what he’s doing, pivot gently to seeing him enjoying his alone time.

8. Give praise and gratitude to your animal for the slightest of positive changes. You both need and deserve compassion and love while healing the deeper reason behind this issue.

Read more about the causes and solutions for separation anxiety in Tammy's book Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions.

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