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Two Kittens, 152 Spiders & a Book Contract

After a very long day last summer, I finally got into bed and settled into a comfy position, grabbed the book I was reading…then suddenly realized I left my glass of water on the kitchen counter. Great. As soon as I turned on the kitchen light I saw it: a huge spider the size of a half dollar moseying along.

My first reaction was in the spider’s best interest. I knew I had but seconds before my five month old kittens would notice it and in turn, torture it in ways I couldn’t bear to watch. I had to get to it first. I grabbed a dishcloth and quickly threw it over the spider.

Before I could determine the next step, I heard a commotion to my left. I turned and was surprised to see that Bodhi and Rumi were already in the kitchen. And, unlike myself, had discovered the second even larger spider. A female. How might I know it was a female? Yup. About 150 thumbtack sized baby spiders were suddenly running for their lives….up my walls, refrigerator, doors and across the floor…like something from an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Bodhi and Rumi were just a tad overstimulated. They were jumping around in every direction…not sure where to focus their attention.

I quickly grabbed the kitty brothers and closed them in a bedroom. Then I went back to the kitchen to do things I would have preferred not to do with the spiders using a broom, cloths and yes, even the forbidden bug spray. It definitely wasn’t easy to sleep that night thinking about the freaked-out spiders, and the ones I might have missed that hitched a ride on the kittens to my bedroom.

For several months prior to that evening, I’d been seeing spiders in the house more frequently. Too often if you ask me, and they seemed to be getting larger with time. Over the last decade I’ve taught many classes on how to recognize and interpret natures messengers.

One thing I knew for sure was that this was an important message for so many spiders to have shown up. They are totems of expressing creativity, amongst many other things, but they are especially connected to helping people weave magic through the written word.

Days after the creepy spider event a new book idea flowed through me that got my heart racing in a different way…with excitement!

I compiled an email detailing the idea and sent it to my publisher that same day. He quickly responded with interest, asking for a book proposal. Could this have been why I manifested so many spider experiences? Indeed.

I haven’t seen one spider inside the house since that August night. Message finally received, I no longer needed their nudges to point me in the right direction. I choose to believe that they were divine messengers that risked their life on behalf of a greater cause. Everything is always unfolding in our highest good. We will call in the right and perfect messengers for what we are trying to release or allow into our lives in any given moment.

It’s truly incredible how much easier things are when we trust that there is a divine plan and spiritual guidance helping us every step of the way. Today I signed a contract with my publisher for the book idea I sent to them last August. The working title is, Animal Soul Contracts- Sacred Agreements for Mutual Evolution, and details the many levels of the sacred soul partnership that animals have with their people. Feeling blessed and grateful to be writing again and on a project that I am over the moon excited about. While I probably won’t dedicate the book to the spiders, I will never forget how the initial idea manifested into the birth of this wonderful new book project.

My wish for you is that you go for your dreams in 2019—and tune into the signs all around you for help along the way. It is always there.You’ll be posting loads of engaging content, so be sure to keep your blog organized with Categories that also allow visitors to explore more of what interests them.

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