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My First Moonflower Bloom!

My First Moonflower Bloom

Nature is a remarkable healer that will revitalize your very essence at its core. I cannot think of a more effortless way to connect to the oneness of a higher consciousness than spending time in nature. The purity of Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants helps us to connect to our true nature.

For many years, I've longed to have moonflowers (Evening Primrose) in my garden. Recently I had dinner at a friend's house who is blessed with a plethora of them, and she lovingly gifted me a moonflower starter kit! I don't think any plant has felt so loved. I visit it each evening to see the new blooms burst open at dusk. It brings me so much joy to watch what looks like time-lapsed photography as the bloom magically explodes in less than a minute!

I was in my early forties before I cultivated a Divine relationship with nature, and now it is a daily ritual I can depend on to open my heart and fill me with gratitude. Every plant, tree, and flower show us how to grow and evolve by living within the oneness of spirit. Everything in nature has a symbiotic relationship with the elements for survival.

Your animals are also well aware of nature’s innate regenerative abilities. They instinctively seek to utilize the gifts and natural rhythms of mother earth, father sky, the sun, and the moon for their well-being. We are wired with a similar inherent need to source solace and connection through the oneness of spending time in nature.

Whatever is heavy on your heart right now, seek communion with Mother Earth and allow her grounding, peaceful spirit to heal, console, and comfort you so you can, like the moonflower, burst open and share your light!

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