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How Emotions Manifest in Your Body (and how to release them)

What if you knew that physical problems manifest in your body simply to warn you that there are stuck emotions that need to be cleared? Your emotions and thoughts have a direct impact on your physical health. Your emotions affect every cell in your body.

Our unhealed emotional wounds are held in our energy. If they are not cleared they will repeatedly manifest into a physical issue to make you aware of their presence. Your emotions must be released for long-term wellness to ensue.

Initially, our suppressed emotions can take the form of life dramas, fear, anger, hurt, grief, shame, guilt, pain, shock, or resentment. But when a person (unconsciously) fears that the release of emotional pain will be too uncomfortable because they have not yet developed good internal parenting skills, they will instinctively suppress the emotions to self-protect. And there they will hole up until the inner healing journey begins cracking the door to the emotional pain that desperately longs for freedom.

Are you motivated to move out your suppressed emotions?

Here are healthy ways to do so:

  • Exercise and physical movement like yoga and tai chi will help you release the emotions in your energy field and body. Movement for 20 minutes a day can be instrumental in helping you discharge stress and anxiety versus suppressing it.

  • Crying is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. The deeper the release of the pain, the more your body will reap the rewards. Think of crying as a beautiful gift to your soul.

  • Daily meditation—one of the best ways to allow the energy behind your emotions to release—has been proven to alleviate stress and anxiety and even improves cardiovascular health as it promotes a deeper state of peace and contentment.

  • Move out your anger. Scream in your car, hit a pillow, or do an anger release technique to help you move out your anger in a healthy way before it turns into long-term resentment.

  • Journaling your uncensored thoughts, anger, and pain is a good option to help you discharge emotions.

  • Seek out a spiritual community, therapist, get a massage or energy clearing. Your emotional wounds will heal more quickly when you partner with healing practitioners.

  • For five intentional minutes every day, give yourself a healthy dose of compassion and self-love. Then visualize love moving through every cell in your body to promote a positive healing environment.

Poor emotional health will weaken your body’s immune system. However, good thoughts and feelings, scientists now know, have healing effects on the body, and researchers studying everything from the flu to HIV continue to find eye-opening evidence that a person’s thought patterns can influence their immunity and the rate at which they heal from injuries and illness.

It is normal behavior to avoid dealing with your emotional wounds, but the good news is that you have the courage within to remove the band-aids to your pain. It can be much easier than you realize. This comes from a person who was on eight daily medications and is now on none. You are stronger than you think . . . and you are worth it.

© 11/2017 Tammy Billups

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