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Healing Animals with Energy

Have you ever wondered about some of the alternative healing modalities and if they can be used to enhance the well being of our furry, finned and winged friends? I believe they want you to learn more about Energy Healing and how it is indeed the cats meow…or at the least dog gone great!

Many people in our society today are aware that Energy Healing can transform lives by releasing emotional wounds behind our physical manifestations and give not only relief of pain but in many cases complete and total healing of the physical body. The pain relief benefits of Energy Healing have been well documented. At the minimum it releases endorphins in the body, which are natures own painkillers. Everyone is energy of course. Everyone has the ability to influence anyone else’s energy system and of course, they do!

People and animals have effects on us—some feel more comfortable than others, some energize us and some depress us, some disturb us; this is just one of the realities of life.

The difference between “everyone” and an Energy Healer is that a healer influences energy systems deliberately and with intention, and that is regardless of whether the intention is to use one’s own energy system to make the required adjustments, or to channel universal energy through one’s own system instead. Energy flows where attention goes.

The goal of Energy Healing is to kick-start the body into regulating itself and to smooth out all physical, mental, emotional and of course spiritual disturbances. The words ‘energy’ and ‘energy medicine’ have become buzzwords of the new millennium, but there is really nothing new. The healing works by connecting with energy fields.

The main difference between people and animals receiving Energy Healing sessions is just this: Animals are wide open and receptive to allow in the most productive session possible. Animals naturally understand and respond to this non-invasive healing modality for what it is and what it does for them…not because they anticipate any benefits or because they feel safe and assured by the therapist. The response from the animals is the proof that Energy Healing works.

When looking only with Energy Healing on people, skeptics would argue that there is a placebo effect whereby very sick and frightened people so desperately wanted to feel better that they imagined they were better. There may on occasions be an element of placebo effect with humans, but this argument doesn’t hold up at all with animals. Quite simply there is no placebo effect with animals.

Why Animals Need Energy Healing

Animals can suffer from physical problems just like we do, and living a human-created lifestyle can trigger many conditions, including emotional problems. Animals are very sensitive to human moods and to atmospheres in the home environment. This complex soup of energies can be very unsettling for them and will affect their own emotional and mental state. Animals can suffer from stress just as much as humans do. In the wild some stress is necessary to enable the animal to learn how to survive, defend itself, find a mate or seek food. With captive or domesticated animals, stress due to a restricted or unnatural lifestyle, boredom, overcrowding, emotional changes, lack of exercise and stimulation, incorrect diet, over-breeding, grief, fear of humans or abuse leads to a very unhealthy and unhappy animal. Your animal companion may have suffered from some of these conditions before you got it, so it is good to give energy healing to help it let go of all the negative memories and to strengthen the immune system. Energy Therapy doesn’t just target specific areas but the whole being of the animal. Treating the whole body at a deep level has a positive rollover effect everywhere and individual problems may resolve themselves…like negative behaviors and physical manifestations for example. The benefits are endless!

How Many Energy Sessions will Your Animal Companion Need?

The number of treatments needed will depend on the condition(s) being treated, the age of the animal, and its response to the energy session. Chronic conditions will usually need more sessions than acute ones. If the problem is strictly emotion-based then maybe just one or two treatments, provided there are no other considerations. For therapeutic healing when the animal is healthy, a session every three to four months is normally adequate.

Energy healing is suitable for any animal and any condition. It is not a replacement for Veterinary care.

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