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Find Your Joy!

Joy. It’s a one syllable word packed with so much vital life energy.  Joy is the most magnetic force in the Universe. Webster defines joy as: The state of happiness and great pleasure. Well, who doesn’t want to move to that state? Do we know if it’s on the mainland, or is it somewhere by Hawaii?

Why is joy so elusive if we know it will bring us a state of happiness and great pleasure?  Because guilt, worry, and unworthiness can set up camp in your head like a fruit fly infestation in your kitchen. Interestingly, worry can kinda make you feel better because in a distorted way, it actually helps you to feel like you’re doing something.

Joy is essential for your soul and I encourage you to make an intention to allow more joy in your life today, and every day thereafter. A part of you knows that you are worthy of joy, but the part that judges your having any pleasure and taking better care of yourself will rise up and say “Nope. Not happening. You don’t deserve to have joy because you’re bad.”  Then, on the conscious level, there will be justifications galore to keep joy at bay, usually having something to do with time and money.

I invite you to ask yourself right now: How can I bring more magical joy in my life today, so I can allow in even more tomorrow?  Seriously friends, joy doesn’t cost a dime.  One of the major perks of having been on the earth a while is the wisdom of knowing things don’t have anything to do with long-term happiness.

Here are a few of my favorite joy-bringers:

  • A walk in nature

  • Spending time with fun friends

  • Reading a good book

  • Dancing

  • Meditation

  • Gardening

  • Watching a funny show/movie

Go within and think about what brings you joy then give yourself permission to laugh.. to smile more.. and to do one of the things that brings you pleasure every single day.  The Universe is always listening when you set your intention for what you want more of in your life.

Look for the humor and blessings in each situation to lighten your load.  Carrying around the weight of the world on your shoulders is a personal choice. You can choose joy. Believing you are too busy or too important to be joyful is a sign that your ego might be trying to protect you from feeling bliss.  Be gentle with that part of yourself versus shaming it, and investigate its reasons for wanting to keep joy just beyond your reach.

When you can allow in more joy, you’ll see how it’s been there all along, waiting for you to simply say: Yes. More joy please.  You really can build your joy muscle. The part of you that knows how to feel joy is in you. Go find her, your soul will thank you.

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