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Dragonfly Medicine = Change

Cha, cha, cha, cha, changes! Dragonflies have mystical, magical properties and this is their active time of year. They symbolize transformation but they also remind us of the importance of connecting with other realms, and keeping a joyful, high vibration.

When I noticed the beautiful dragonfly (in the above photo) at my window, I ran outside to feel its energy more intimately. I stood there and it danced around me several times before landing on the fence and posing for a photo. I was in dragonfly heaven!

Many have said that the only thing we know for certain is change. Change can be exciting and/or it can illicit fear. Learning how to navigate through transformational changes is a skill worth honing.

The dragonfly teaches us to dance with the fear that arises to allow it to move through us and transform us such that a more connected, joyful experience can ensue.

Is there something you've been wanting to do on your soul journey that fear has kept at bay? Whether it is a small change, like adding a new self-love practice, or a big change that has the ability to rock your world, try to connect with the fear and talk to it like you would a child. Take it by the hand and walk with it through the cusp of resistance put in place to keep you safe. You will be so proud of yourself for taking that growth step, and soon you'll discover you survived yet another life hurdle of transformational change.

Speaking of change, I've finally stepped through my fears to add a new level of functionality to my website and the scheduling process. The last two months my website has experienced its own lift and shift, and now you can schedule your healing sessions online! It is so interesting how long I've avoided creating these changes that have already created much more ease and joy in my life.

Embrace the energy of the dragonfly today and look squarely at something you might be avoiding due to an underlying fear of change, and then take that first step. You might just end up dancing!

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