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Deepen the Intuitive Relationship with Your Animals

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have more clarity around decisions you make on behalf of your animals?

Developing a deeper, more intuitive relationship with them will help you to better understand their behaviors and desires in every situation. It will also benefit both of your healing and spiritual journeys through creating a more conscious animal-human partnership.

Animals are naturally more intuitive because they haven’t unlearned, like most people, the ability to trust their instinctive and spontaneous reactions to life experiences. One of the most important lessons I have ever received about listening to and trusting my intuitive bond with one of animals unfortunately ended tragically.

My cat Vasi was 6 yrs. of age when my veterinarian at the time wanted to perform a routine teeth cleaning procedure. Almost immediately, I became very anxious at the idea and felt pain in my chest that I suspected was something about her. When I shared my concerns, the Vet and tech rolled their eyes like I was nuts. He suggested a chest x-ray and I readily agreed. Even though the x-ray was clear I still had anxiety and pain at my heart but ultimately, I agreed to the procedure.

Vasi had a heart attack while under anesthesia and she passed four awful days after the procedure.  Because of this very difficult and painful experience, I promised myself (and Vasi) that I would always listen to my internal guidance regarding my animals. Eighteen years later, I still wonder what would’ve happened had I listened to my intuition instead of giving away my decision-making power.

If you love your animals, you are already tuned into the same frequency as them. The more you begin to trust the intuitive connection, the easier it will be to understand your beloved pets and have a less stressful, more profound journey together.

Here are a few tips to help you to deepen your intuitive relationship:

1. Activate your intuition at a deeper level. The more grounded, connected and clear you are, the easier it will be to create, sense and trust the intuitive connection with your animals. Find some tools that will assist you that you enjoy. It could be meditation, time in nature, yoga, exercise, getting your energy cleared, or many other modalities to help you develop and strengthen your intuitive muscle.

2. Become aware of your projections on to your pet. Sometimes when you fear how they will handle changes in their life and routine, it’s really your own fears about the changes. They will roll with your moods more than not. If you are projecting your fears onto your pets, it’s more difficult to intuit their truest desires and feelings.

3. Make an intention to see beyond their physical actions to intuit the deeper messages of their actions. Are they mirroring what is going on inside of you? Could their actions be symbolic to help you in some way?

4. When you want to connect more deeply with them, or need guidance on their behalf I recommend that you:  Bring your attention to your heart. Clear your mind as much as possible. Detach from a specific outcome to your question so your connection will be string-free. Connect formally with them heart to heart and then sense what you feel in your heart.

Every animal has different ways of communicating so watch their actions as well as listening to your heart connection.  Know that you have everything you need within to connect more intuitively with your animals. You can trust and listen to the guidance birthed from the beautiful and divine relationship with your animal companions. They will thank you.

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