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Creating a Sacred Ceremony for the New Year

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Anytime this weekend is a perfect time to create sacred ceremony to symbolically release the old and usher in your new year's intentions for how you want to feel, what you are wanting to create, and how you want to commit to show-up for yourself and others. The energy is ripe to support your new action steps.

How to create a sacred ceremony for the new year:

1. Create an Altar

Gather meaningful items to create a sacred altar for your ceremony. Try to include, at the minimum, a candle, and a meaningful or symbolic item or two that represents feeling supported and loved. Perhaps it's a crystal, statue, flower, picture, or feather.

2. Release What No Longer Serves You

Call in your light team to help you go into quiet reflection of the last year and ask them to guide your attention to what your soul longs to release that might be preventing you from having more loving experiences. Is it shame? Resistance? Self-criticizing? Saying "yes" or "no" too often? Whatever it is for you, grab a small piece of paper and jot down one or two things you feel in your heart you are ready to release. You might want to burn the piece of paper from the flame of your candle as a powerful symbolic gesture. (Please use a fire-safe bowl). It is common for tears to well up as you anticipate the relief of releasing this pattern or issue in your life. Comfort yourself through any emotions that arise and lean into them as they find their wings.

3. Clear the Energy

Purify the area before moving on to the next step. You can use sage, singing bowls, chimes, or even through the power of your mind and voice ask that all lower energy be cleared and that the area is filled with the highest vibration of love and light. It's helpful to crack a window or door for the energy to leave. This step is creating a clean slate for your new year's intentions to reveal themselves

4. Listen to Your Heart

Now is the time to sink into a meditative state of prayer. Ask your light team and Higher Self (your soul) to support and guide you to your heart, align you with your soul's deepest longings, and ground you in love and truth. You might want to play soft relaxing music.

5. Draw an Oracle Card

Pull out your most treasured oracle card deck and pull a card that will guide you throughout 2022. You might want to pull another card just for January (or each month). If you are familiar with oracle card spreads, use your intuition to utilize the cards soul messages in the way that feels right for you.

6. Write Down Your Intentions

When you are ready, begin to write down your intentions for what you are committing to in the new year, as well as realistic goals that have been bubbling up in your heart through the last two steps. You might be desiring in the new year, for example, to observe your thoughts more often so you can be kinder to yourself, set up a gratitude practice, or lean into forgiveness and acceptance of others (and yourself). Or perhaps your soul longs for you to spend more time in nature's healing presence, establish a meditation practice, eat more consciously, or love your body. All of these practices will aid in your ascension to maintaining a higher frequency. Listen to your heart for what is right and perfect for you to write down and intend for the new year. Place your letter of intentions in a location that will best serve you. Some want to see it daily, whilst others prefer that it is placed in a sacred place, like under their altar.

7. Start Your New Year with Gratitude

Begin your new year with expressing gratitude to yourself for wanting to grow, learn, heal, and become part of a bigger change on our planet. You are making a positive difference and are growing more than you realize!

Beginning the new year with sacred ceremony is a powerful gift to yourself, as it will set the tone for the entire year to joyfully and gracefully unfold. I will be holding sacred space for the ease of your intentions to lovingly transpire in your life!

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