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Breaking Free of Self-Limitation · Cicada Teachings

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

The life cycle of a cicada is incredible. One evening a few weeks ago, I witnessed a newly emerged cicada moving through its 10-12 hour process to release its shell of protection. I could see its beautiful iridescent wings under the shell. The next morning the shell was empty. Then last week, there was a cicada upside down on my driveway. Once I flipped it over, it immediately flew to the nearest tree, buzzing the entire way. Both of these cicada sightings were firsts for me, and I quickly realized they were divine messengers that arrived just as I moved into a new decade of my life and was beginning to spread my wings in new ways. The cicada prompted me to meditate and reflect on its energy and teachings.

How long do we humans stay in our protective shells and resist transforming and spreading our new wings? The upside down cicada on my driveway assures us that there is an adjustment period once we break free of the previous constraints as we are learning to use our new wings. But as it turns out, there is always help along the way to help us get upright and back on our path.

Our distorted beliefs, in addition to a fear of the unknown, have the ability to keep us forever super gluing our protective shell back together regardless of the growth of our wings that are longing to be free.

We are in the midst of huge growth possibilities during this transformative time and how we navigate the release of our protection and ability to feel safe enough to spread our wings is key to our evolution.

Self-limitation is rooted in distorted beliefs. We have the ability to change our beliefs, but it is a process and the timing is different for each person. If you are feeling stuck, stressed, overwhelmed, or even bored and lost, there is a distorted belief working its way through your psyche with sights set on healing and transforming so you can spread your wings and learn to fly. If you get to the root of the self-limiting belief, and put a new, healthier belief in its place, nothing will stop you from living a powerful, positive life.

The first step to healing self-limitation and breaking free of its protective nature is getting to the root of the belief. Keep peeling back the belief layers until you identify what is at the core of the distorted belief and look at it square in the eyes. Then set up an environment to provide yourself the safety to feel the emotions of the belief. Let the emotions and feelings flow through you, as best you can, by finding compassion for yourself as you create a new level of internal parenting needed to hold space for the release.

Call on your light team and/or holistic practitioners you trust as you navigate and release the emotions birthed from the original emotional wound that created the distorted belief. You might just find that the process was easier than you ever imagined. You will then begin to look at everything in life with fresh eyes and have the ability to to discover what is hindering your personal growth and progress so you can release the dated protection and heal at the core.  I believe in you, and the teachings of the cicada.

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