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Change up your Holiday Gift Giving

The holiday season is upon us and it arrives with an opportunity to give real gifts directly from the heart. The shift to unconditional conscious gifting can be wonderful for not only you, but for all of those on your gift list.

When we are able to check in with our heart about gifting, we begin to shift the way we look and feel about gifting. This change within will honor yourself in a new way… and in turn, be healing and heart-opening for all involved.

Before you buy the usual gifts for the usual people on your list… check in yourself. Do you have a hidden motivation? Why are you giving the gift? Do you want appreciation, to be liked, accepted, loved or to have that person continue to fulfill your needs in some way? Many times it is unconscious or you might just be noticing you get frustrated or anxious about purchasing the gifts.

If you are triggered by a person’s reaction to receiving your gift, positive or negative, that is an indication of a hidden agenda to fulfill a need you have to feel good about yourself. So try intentionally shifting to being unattached to their response and see how it feels.

Or, maybe this year you can simply begin the process of noticing why you are giving the gift and observe your response to their receiving it.

Here are a few ideas for heart-opening gifting:

1) Practice giving something to a stranger. 2) Practice being an anonymous gifter. 3) Expect nothing in return for your gifts…not even a thank you. 4) Gift your time and/or money to a cause that’s important to you. 5) Give only from your heart with intentions to simply bring joy. 6) Ask those you love to join you in the shift. It could be they are ready for a change as well.

So, try on a new gift-giving hat this year. Leave a gratitude note to your waiter, open a door, give a compliment, take cookies to an assisted living facility. Give experiences and gifts of meaning to those you love rather than going through the motions that are filled with the energy of obligation.

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