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Animals are Sponges (for your emotions)

You can tell a lot about a person after meeting their animals. Go to a dog park and it’s easy to see how animals can reflect the personalities and sometimes even appearances of their people. Is it possible that they can also mirror your physical issues?

Animal lovers are already aware their pets want to nurture you through difficult times. They are wired to detect your imbalances, both physically and emotionally, and instinctively are guided to help restore balance to their beloved person.

Your animal companions graciously absorb your suppressed energy and emotions because you are so deeply connected heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul. However, if they are unable to clear the emotions they absorb for you, the emotions can and will create physical issues.

When I was in my thirties, I was sick. A lot. Decades of repressed emotions had nowhere to go so it manifested into physical ailments. Imagine my surprise when my cat Vasi developed asthma two weeks after I was diagnosed with asthma. There were many “coincidences” with my pets mirroring my exact physical ailments. Through embracing an inner healing journey, my long-term physical issues healed and, in turn, my pets healed too.

Repressed emotions create energetic congestion. If these aren’t cleared, they can manifest into physical ailments.

Your pets are evolving too and serving your needs is key to their souls’ growth. Understand that allowing them to serve you, serves them too.  There’s always a higher purpose to their actions and they don’t want you to feel guilty for leaning into their love as needed.

If you would like your animal companions to have an easier go of things and feel better, here are a few tips to help them move out the stress, emotions, and imbalances they absorb from their people and the household.

  • Daily movement through playing and/or walking helps you both restore grounding and balance.

  • Feed them a more conscious, healthy diet so their bodies are clear to enable it to do what it naturally does—heal and restore itself to a state of well-being.

  • Take better care of yourself by embracing a more conscious inner healing journey to release and heal your emotional wounding. Then there won’t be as much emotional baggage for your animals to absorb. When you are able to release your emotions in healthy ways, it increases the odds tremendously that you will both be healthier. Remember, your animals are only absorbing the emotions you are stuffing versus those you are releasing in healthy ways, like crying.

The animals that choose to spend some time with you hold incredibly useful soul messages created especially for you through how they reflect you, both consciously and unconsciously.

Knowledge now clothes you, and balance, born from this new knowledge, provides the space for you both to grow and heal together to create a new, conscious level of well-being to the benefit of you both.

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